The American people were not told the truth about the migrant caravan.

There was one lie that was repeated over and over again.

And now the caravan is about to do the one thing every American fears.

The Caravan Arrives

Donald Trump warned the American people that the migrant caravan was an invasion force.

The fake news media mocked him.

So-called “journalists” claimed the caravan could not invade America since it was over 1,000 miles away.

Others fake news reporters claimed it was “weeks” away from reaching America’s Southern border.

Both those claims were lies.

The caravan is here.

And the news could be worse than anyone imagined.

The first 350 migrants arrived in Tijuana this week.

Thousands more are following them.

Reports indicate that multiple caravans adding up to 5,000 migrants are barreling towards the Southern border.

This is a national emergency that fake news outlets like CNN have spent weeks lying to the American people about.

And those lies just blew up in their faces.

Local Residents Not Happy About Caravan

Additionally, the residents of Tijuana were not happy that the first wave of migrant invaders included a group of radical homosexuals.