The U.S. is dealing with a border crisis like never before.

Things have been able to get so bad that President Trump is struggling to contain it.

But he just did the last thing Nancy Pelosi was expecting on the border.

Walls work to defend nations from hostile invaders.

And the situation on the border is akin to an invasion, no matter what anybody in the left-wing media says.

President Trump is working overtime to make sure one is built.

The border patrol supports it, most of the American people support it, and the families of the victims of illegal immigration support it.

People who don’t support walls on the border are open borders radicals, anarchists, and the Pelosi-led Democrat Party.

All Trump wants it $5.7 billion for a wall.

To put that in context, illegal immigration costs taxpayers upwards of $200 billion a year.

So it should be a no-brainer, but the Democrats lost their minds long ago.

Currently, getting the funding for the wall is very difficult.

And while there are possible ways to get it done without going through Congress, Trump is trying to get it done the old fashioned way.

But in the meantime, he isn’t letting the issue continue without some remedies.

President Trump is sending an additional 2,000 U.S. troops to the border to protect it.

While the wall is ideal, having manpower on the border is a proven way to combat the issue.

During the recent illegal migrant caravan, it was the only thing that kept them from flooding into the U.S.

Under normal circumstances, their rush to the border would be successful.

While the border patrol is full of brave men and women doing their best to secure our country, they haven’t been given the tools they need to operate as well as they need to.

President Trump is working to solve that issue and place a physical wall on the border.

Because while a wall is the best way to secure the border, without men on the border to defend the wall, it won’t be a lasting deterrent for determined criminals and drug smugglers.

Nancy Pelosi is infuriated by President Trump’s moves to get a wall and to secure the border.

She is particularly upset by the actions he makes without her approval.

The President is the commander in chief and is able to make many military decisions without the approval of Congress.

Deploying Troops to secure the U.S. border is one of those things.

The American people know this, and support President Trump in his actions.

Democrats are completely out of touch with the average American.

While having walls around their multi-million dollar homes they complain about it being “immoral” for Trump to use the same method to defend our country.

Despite being a billionaire, President Trump understands the common man and knows what he needs to do to make his country great again.

Do you support building a wall on the border?

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