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A Primer on Milab Abductions

By James Bartley  Many people are coming to the grim realization that they have endured alien abduction experiences.  A significant percentage of alien abductees have learned that they are the object of extreme interest by deep black elements of the military intelligence community.  This interest goes beyond simple monitoring, surveillance and psychological warfare operations (Psyops).  Abductees are being used by the military in a variety of operational roles including but not limited to astral operators, psychic spies, covert operatives, technicians, and scientists.  Abductees who have been used by the military in this fashion are known as “Milabs” which stands for “Military Abductees.”  Milabs often describe being taken to underground facilities.  Milabs as well as Military-Aerospace Insiders have witnessed non-human life forms and human military and medical personnel working together in underground and above ground installations.    The purpose of this treatise is to fill a large gap in alien abduction studies.  Most of the “big name” researchers refuse to delve into issues such as the existence and primary role in alien abductions played by the Reptilians.  The reptilians are the primary abducting force.  The reptilians use “proxies” such as certain factions of the Grey aliens, Nordics, Insectoids and other ETs to…

Interview with Lilu Tuatha—a MILAB Abductee

By Eve Lorgen, M.A. 12/22/09 -- Lilu (a pseudonym) is a milab-abductee from Australia. She has experienced multiple alien intrusions, which include interactions with human and alien entities such as greys, reptilians and humans within the shadow government military factions. Lilu’s experiences reflect what many milab abductees have recalled, but with a greater degree of lucidity. Lilu’s ability to perceive her experiences with greater awareness may stem from the fact that she has undergone several near-death experiences, and is naturally clairvoyant. Her experiences include physical, Interdimensional, and astral encounters. I believe Lilu’s experiences, like many other milabs, have been underreported and marginalized within the alien abduction and UFO community.

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UFOs, MILABS, Reptilian Ownership of Humans

This is a lecture I gave at Roswell 2007, run by Guy Malone.


My Location Displacement Experience

I experienced a "location displacement" experience once when I was driving from the High Desert of Southern California (i.e. Victorville, Barstow, Adelanto area) to San Diego which I have done countless times.  This occurred in the late 1990s if I remember correctly.  At the time close friends of mine in the High Desert were having frequent encounters with reptilians in their home and I often spent the weekend in the bedroom with the most activity and had encounters with reptilians on more than one occasion there.  It was during my return trip back to San Diego one night that I somehow jumped from one place to another.  Not once, not twice but four times!  Each time I jumped I was closer and closer to my final destination, somehow missing significant landmarks and critical highway exits/onramps and junctions along the way. There was no "missing time," nor was I suffering from "highway hypnosis."  I was fully conscious, singing along to songs on the radio and looking for a particular highway on-ramp.  If you are familiar with Southern California highways, you will know that you must be mindful of what lane you are driving on lest you wind up branching off from the highway you are…

A Female Abductee's Revelations Of Hybrid Infiltration

By James BartleyThis is an interview with a woman known as “Karen” who is an abductee. Karen has had many experiences with the Greys, a Grey-Reptilian hybrid and Human-appearing hybrids.  Karen provides a tremendous amount of insight into the activities of the ETs and in particular the human-appearing hybrids.  She has witnessed many different forms of ET mind control and has been beaten and raped numerous times by the human-appearing hybrids.  The ETs utilized a variety of technological devices on her which she describes in this interview.In the interview phase of this paper, “JB” stands for James Bartley and “KA” stands for Karen.  After the interview portion of the paper I will write an analysis and summary of the revelations given by Karen.  Karen is an extremely courageous woman who has endured a tremendous amount of physical and psychological abuse.  In this interview she describes being tortured on a specially designed chair by the ETs.  We all owe a debt of gratitude to Karen and others like her who decided to come forward and share this information.The Interview with KarenJB - Can you describe some of your experiences involving the greys and some of the other entities you've observed on…

Interview with a Male Abductee about Reptilians and Hybrids

Interview with a Male Abductee about Reptilians and HybridsJames BartleyNovember 2, 2007The following is an interview I had with an abductee who was referred to me by my mentor, Barbara Bartholic. This abductee, "P.R." had sent Barbara an audiotape of electronic sounds allegedly made by the reptilians during one of his abduction experiences. P.R. called Barbara and they had a lengthy phone conversation during which Barbara independently confirmed many of the experiences reported by P.R. Barbara tried to play the audiotape on three different tape recorders and each time the tape recorder in question malfunctioned and never worked properly again. After the third abortive attempt Barbara decided to call me into the case since P.R. had mentioned having read some of my writings and had himself undergone many of the experiences which I described in detail.I subsequently had a lengthy phone conversation with P.R. and exchanged numerous e-mails with him. I was impressed with P.R.’s candor and the astute observations he made about his abductions. He described many things which I was already familiar with such as the astral dreamscape manipulation and the various and sundry ways the reptilians manipulate abductees.Barbara Bartholic told me before my first conversation with P.R.…

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