As a member of “the squad,” Rep. Rashida Tlaib has become a major player in the Democrat Party.

She is hoping to become the future of the increasingly radical party.

But she was just caught in an embarrassing picture that will end her.

So far, Rashida Tlaib’s short-lived political career is filled with scandal after scandal.

Before she even got into office, she proved herself as an unhinged lunatic.

During a Trump rally in 2016, she was caught on video being forced out by security after interrupting the event.

She is heard screaming, “You guys are crazy!” while leaving the venue.

And once she got into office, she again proved how insane she is, declaring that she’s going to “impeach the motherf***er,” referring to President Trump, at an event attended by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Tlaib also ended up in hot water for a series of anti-Semitic tweets, where she stated that politicians that support Israel are not entirely loyal to the United States.

Despite intense criticism, she didn’t back down with her anti-Israel positions, which eventually got her banned from the state of Israel, along with her pal Ilhan Omar.


But now she is beginning to operate with a lower profile, without any major scandals popping up.

Over the weekend, she endorsed Bernie Sanders in a surprise decision considering she previously declined to endorse him when news broke of the rest of the members of “the squad” throwing their support behind the Vermont socialist.

But now she is thoroughly in support of Sanders.

She even joined Sanders at an event in Detroit, where they visited the Brightmoor Food Pantry.

It is there where they both made the disastrous decision to take a short video in front of a series of empty shelves.


Both Sanders and Tlaib are members of the Democratic Socialists of America, and while they don’t self-identify as “socialists,” they do consider themselves “democratic socialists.”


The backdrop of the video looks like it was taken in a grocery store in a socialist country like Venezuela, where they cannot stock their shelves.

It may be the worst framing imaginable for the two, who are trying to remove the stigma around the socialist label.

But the picture proves just why the stigma around the label is justified.

Socialism has caused widespread death and destruction around the world.

In the 20th century, socialist and communist governments killed at least 100 million people.

Socialists like Tlaib will try to claim that those deaths were not the cause of socialism, or that those socialist governments just did not implement the policies correctly.

But if countries like Venezuela, which are in ruins, prove anything, it’s that socialism is an evil ideology that must be resisted.

The scene behind Tlaib and Bernie are only a reminder of just what could happen if their policies are implemented on U.S. soil.

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