The mainstream media are out for blood.

The reality of a Donald Trump presidency is too much for their leftist minds to fathom, so they’ve cranked up the attacks to unseen levels of vitriol.

Now one former Trump staffer has turned coat and run to the media in one despicable assault on the president.

The Mainstream Tabloids

The left-wing press is so sanctimonious, CNN recently compared its “bravery” to that of veterans of the armed forces.

In each attempt to prove Trump wrong when he calls the mainstream press fake news, they dig themselves a deeper hole.

They just can’t help it.

The 2016 election of Trump was such a shock to their system, they refuse to believe it. But what’s more dangerous is they’re determined to undo the results of that election.

They run nonsense stories about how Hillary Clinton can still become president, which include a completely unconstitutional line of succession.

They print non-stop coverage of the wild Trump-Russia collusion narrative even though prominent CNN hosts like Van Jones said the story was a big “nothing-burger.”

And their latest tactic is to find anyone with an axe to grind against Trump and give them wall-to-wall coverage.

Dishonorable and Disloyal Associates

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The left’s bloodlust for Trump has caused them to abandon their principles entirely. So-called civil libertarians on the left cheered when special counsel Robert Mueller and his Democrat hit squad led a raid of Michael Cohen’s office, Trump’s former attorney.

The idea of seizing files from a lawyer’s office to go after one of his clients would normally be unconscionable to the left, but since Trump is the target, they don’t care.

The Gestapo tactics were used to twist Cohen’s arm, and he subsequently released tapes of confidential client meetings he had with Trump. Again, a gross breach of civil liberties.

The latest Trump associate to team up with the mainstream in a blitz on the president is former staffer Omarosa Manigault.

A Serious Security Breach

Omarosa came to prominence when she appeared on “The Apprentice” and was given a position in Trump’s company.

That ultimately led to her receiving a job in the administration, but she was ultimately fired. However, during her time in the White House, Omarosa secretly taped Trump in the Oval Office and surreptitiously recorded General Kelly in the situation room.

Not only did Omarosa commit a disgusting breach of trust, she might’ve actually committed a felonious security breach by recording classified information.

The left excused Hillary Clinton’s federal crimes revolving around her illicit server and subsequent cover-up.

Clinton and her aides bleached and smashed hard drives to conceal her misconduct, so Omarosa will not only be forgiven but championed if she delivers any usable dirt on Trump.

Omarosa has tried to parlay the tape into a book deal, but has yet to be successful, implying her tapes aren’t compelling. Despite her reprehensible abuse of trust and disloyalty, the left has absolutely no problem with what she did.

This simply goes to show that the left has no standards when it comes to going after their opponents, especially when the opponent is Donald Trump.