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"Oblivion" by Tom Bearden. . 


Tom Bearden continues to point away from US Government complicity but it is
America who is leading its own country -- and the world -- into the research
and frenzied production of invisible Electro Magnetic weaponry which is
built to literally enslave humanity.

Rest assured, the Japanese Yakuza Mafia or the so-called "fanatical muslims"
or the KGB mentioned below will not be the organizations who cause America's
demise... they will only be used as fronts for a FALSE FLAG attack by our
own Pentagon/CIA/NSA.

Book Review Part 1:
Tom Bearden's "Oblivion" (Scalar Weapons)

Book Collects all Bearden's Most Important Info

Part 1
"Oblivion - America at the Brink" is one of scalar scientist Tom Bearden's
most important books, in particular because it is put together for the
layman unversed in high physics. Much of Bearden's work is filled with
equations and physics concepts which the ordinary person cannot fathom, but
in this book he deals mainly with the current world wide consequences of
scalar science, which could be called the science of the energy of the
quantum vacuum. The consequences of this new science of the energetic vacuum
break down first into two wide categories:

1. The possibility of extracting energy from the vacuum to solve our energy
crisis and global warming, and

2. The existence in the world today of weapons more powerful than anything
ever dreamed of by man. Thus this story approaches the level of great myth,
in which the human race is given a boon of incredible value, but which
carries within it the danger and possibility of destroying all life on earth

In 2001 I wrote an article called " Scalar Wars: The Brave New World of
Scalar Electromagnetics " which has since gotten nearly a million hits. It
took me six months of mind bending study of Tom's website ( )
before something clicked in a kind of epiphany and I suddenly grasped the
meaning of what he was talking about.

For several days I actually got dizzy
walking along the street overwhelmed at the implications of discovery of
longitudinal electromagnetic waves. Oddly enough, although I did not
understand the technical details and all those equations, what finally
allowed to me to grasp the underlying basic concept was my years of
spiritual studies and my search through such paths for The One. I saw that
in scalar electromagnetic theory science was approaching and arriving,
scientifically, at The One. The energetic vacuum is like Lao Tzu's Tao, like
the Vedic Brahman, like Buddha's Nirvana.

The discovery of scalar electromagnetics is the final test for any species
anywhere in the galaxy, the test as to whether that species will use it to
build an earthly paradise, or to wield the double-edged sword unwisely and
destroy itself. I suspect it is a test more often failed than passed. It is
nothing less than the ability to engineer physical reality.

Since writing my original article it is no longer necessary to struggle
through Bearden's whole website to gather the material that can be
understood by a layman, for Bearden has gathered it all together in one book
"Oblivion." It is not a book for the feint of heart for Bearden lays out
all the dangers that we now face from the discovery of these new types of
longitudial electromagnetic waves.

Bearden goes through the history of this discovery and the ways in which
these waves have now been weaponized in a number of countries and many
different ways they can be engineered to destroy. At the same time he shows
how the same discoveries could lead to virtually free energy planetwide and
an end to the crisis of global warning.

This is the final test for a conscious thinking species, to use nature's ultimate gift for good or evil.

In this multipart review I would like to step chapter by chapter through
Oblivion," pausing for important quotations, so that readers can get the
gist of what is covered in this important book. I feel an urgency to do so
because the coming year [2007], falls within the range of time for which
Bearden has predicted an overt scalar strike on the centralized power grids
of the U.S. and possibly other western countries. (These predictions will be
quoted within this review. The book was published in 2005 and he estimated
that this kind of scalar wars strike would come in 2 to 3 years). The weapons which can accomplish this (in just a matter of one or two days!) have been secretly tested for many years, and Bearden gives explicit
Examples of this testing.

The world's people remain largely oblivious these dangers because of the
shroud of secrecy in which these weapons have been developed. For a general overall background to the scalar weapons see my article on Bearden's work, Scalar Wars."

So let us go chapter by chapter through "Oblivion" and see what Bearden has
been trying to warn the world about for the past several decades. The book
is available at .

Tom Bearden in the Documentary Series ENERGY FROM THE VACUUM

The book is organized into two main parts, 67 pages of "mini chapters" each
a few a pages long, and the remaining larger bulk (up to page 350)
consisting of 9 different series of graphic slides and notes which Bearden
has used in briefings of various kinds. Primarily I will be reviewing the
first part, after which I will give some examples of the large slide-show
portion. In what follows the headers will be the names of the mini- chapters
as given in the table of contents. Much of the material in this book has
appeared previously on Bearden's website, but "Oblivion" does us the service of bringing all the scattered parts together in a single volume.

The first three chapters cover the most important and urgent topics: the
development of scalar weapons in the old U.S.S.R., incidents in which a
scalar attack on the U.S. was narrowly thwarted, how the Japanese mafia
consortium (Yakuza) then acquired the technology, and the dangers now facing
the West from a scalar attack by the Yakuza.

Cold War Development of Scalar Interferometry

Bearden introduces us to scalar weapons by giving us the proper name for the
main device: "longitudinal wave interferometers" or "scalar interferometers.

Interferometry is the process of sending out EM (electromagnetic) waves
from two or more source antennae and letting the waves "interfere" with each
other. This creates interference patterns in much the same way that two stones thrown in a pond create circular ripples which eventually cross each other and make patterns.

But these waves are not ordinary EM waves (transverse waves) but rather a
new kind of wave called longitudinal waves, moving more like sound waves
move than radio waves. (Longitudinal: moving a long the direction of travel).
These are the same kind of waves that Tesla discovered (he called them
radiant energy"). Such waves can pass right through the earth. When such
waves are interfered an incredible array of phenomena can be produced at the
area where the two beams cross according to what kind of modulations are applied to the longitudinal waves.

Heat, cold, explosions, implosions, light
phenonmena (glowing orbs), destruction of electronics, human sickness or
instant death, and even psychological phenomena in the minds of those in the
target zone.

Incredibly, in 1960, Nikita Khrushchev actually announced to the world the
discovery of these weapons. Bearden puts it this way:

The new superweapons were developed, produced, manned, and operated by the
KGB itself, and were never placed in the hands of the regular Russian armed
forces. Speaking to the Presidium in 1960, Khrushchev referred to the
forthcoming scalar interferometer weapons with the following statement:

"We have a new weapon - just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak
- so powerful that, if unrestrainedly use, it could wipe out all life on earth." The large Soviet strategic scalar interferometers were deployed and
became operational in April 1963 - a bit too late for use by Khrushchev to
counter the U.S. confrontation in the Cuban Missile Crisis of latter 1962.

However, the first operational weapon was used to destroy the U.S.S.
Thresher nuclear submarine while on underwater maneuvers off the East Coast
of the United States, in April 1963. Thereby Khrushchev demonstrated the
power of his new weapons over nuclear submarines - one of the major three
elements of the strategic military nuclear firepower of the United States.

Extension to the other two elements - intercontinental ballistic missiles
(ICBMs) and strategic bombers - was obvious.

One can read a more detailed timeline of the development of scalar weapons
at the following page at Tom's website:

Incidents Where Outside Intervention Saved the United States

In this next little chapter Bearden recounts a number of incidents in which
a small friendly nation" which has developed scalar weapons similar to those of the old KGB saved the U.S. from pending scalar attacks. (The nation is
assumed to be Israel). The first incident was in the 1970s and the attack
thwarted by a nuclear threat from the "small friendly nation." Later, in
1986, the attack was on the San Andreas fault, an attempt to trigger an
earthquake using the Soviet scalar interferometers.

In April 1986 a private little U.S. group intervened to prevent a forthcoming giant earthquake that was being built up for the greater Los Angeles and San Francisco areas by the KGB scalar interferometers. Via a special electronic device, the group suddenly destroyed one of the distant Soviet scalar interferometer transmitters - thereby initiating the nearby Chernobyl nuclear incident but preventing the loss of perhaps 200,000 U.S. lives in Los Angeles and San Francisco, together with preventing terrible destruction and economic damage.

Also in 1986, the same friendly little
nation again prevented our strategic destruction by even more powerful
energetics weapons developed by the Soviet Union. As early as 1984, the
friendly nation simply began exploding very large Russian missile ammunition
storage sites, to warn the Soviet Union of what was in store for it, if it

This is rather astounding information, that the Chernobyl incident was
actually caused by "shorting out" a nearby scalar weapon by Israel's scalar
interferometers! In fact, protection of the U.S. (which has long lagged far
behind Russia in this technology) by Israel may help explain why the U.S.
has refused to go against Israel over the Palestinian problem. How Israel
acquired the scalar technology long before the U.S. is a mystery except that
one might imagine that some of the top Russian scientists might be Jewish
and smuggled out the plans.

 In any case Bearden suggests that the U.S. is gradually catching up and that at least 10 nations now have the scalar
weapons at some stage of development. (Oddly, Brazil is among those nations!
Something to consider when when looking at the changing geopolitical
structure of the world). In another incident in which a scalar attack was
thwarted Bearden himself was involved. It was Mayday, 1997.

In 1997, again the U.S. would have been utterly destroyed on two occasions
had it not been for the same little nation. Several professional colleagues and I played a desperate role in both of those frighteningly real incidents, which were never reported in the news media.

Indeed, our own intelligence
agencies had no inkling that a full strategic Soviet superweapon attack to
destroy the United States was imminent on each of the occasions (the second
of which would have occurred on May 1, 1997) {viii}. The May Day attack for
1997 would have been the "big one", had the Federal Security Service
(FSB/KGB) not been checkmated by "an offer it could not refuse" - delivered
once again by the friendly nation.

During those critical periods when every
hour on the clock seemed a week in length, the hostile armada that would
have struck us included the Japanese Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo teams on site
in Russia, operating leased KGB/FSB strategic scalar interferometers against
the U.S.

The situation was bad enough, but in his next mini-chapter Bearden tells how
the technology for making scalar weapons was acquired by a "consortium" of the Yakuza, the so-called Japanese mafia, and a strange Japanese cult.

Yakuza Acquisition of Soviet Superweapons

In the next chapter Bearden discusses the radical Muslim threats and the mess in the Middle East.This is one chapter I have trouble with. Bearden seems to believe that the 911 attacks were actually carried out by Bin Laden and I seriously question that.

Our Analysts Missed the Yakuza's Key Role and Significant Aspects of the
Centrally-Coordinated KGB/FSB Strategic Plan

Here Bearden states that the U.S. intelligence groups seem to be largely
unaware of the Yakuza threat to destroy the power grid and collapse the U.S.
economy. He points out that the economy is already on the verge of collapse
in any case.

The American dollar is propped up only by everincreasing purchases of U.S.
Treasury instruments by foreign nations such as China and Japan, which could
change at any time. Several prominent Asian politicians and central bankers
have recently made public statements suggesting a coordinated intent to
divest dollar- denominated reserve assets and shift reserves to other
currencies. An avalanche of covert dollar selling appears to have already

He talks further about the increasing incidents of giant "rogue waves," a
phenomenon which can be created at will with the scalar weapons. The threat
in this case is to big oil tankers and container cargo carriers.

It appears that at least 10 to 12 oil tankers are lost each year to giant
rogue waves alone. To appreciate total shipping losses from all causes: In a
single year- 1981 - 250 ships of 500 tons or greater size were lost and
perished {lii}. Many of these were probably sunk by unexpected large rogue
waves. We hardly need point out that a giant oil supertanker on the ocean is
also easily destroyed in a single shot by a strategic scalar interferometer.

A burst of energy, placed adroitly under the surface by a distant interferometer, can also produce large waves that arise and smash a ship.

This also "disguises" the incident as if it were due to anomalous large waves of natural origin. [snip] It would take very little Yakuza effort to increase the loss of oil tankers, further strangling the U.S. oil supply and dramatically increasing prices. Since the oil supply for all oil-dependent nations comes from known major oil field locations and harbor facilities, deliberate and careful reduction of the tanker fleet and f a c i l i t ies
can place extraordinary pressure on oil's availability for several major nations at once.

The next chapter concerns major heavy scalar strikes beyond the relatively
simple task of destroying the centralized power grids. This is scalar warfare on an almost unimaginable scale.

Coup de Grace: Strategic Strikes of Great Magnitude

The first kind of major strike involves the triggering of a super-volcano eruption in the Yellowston caldera, an immense blast of a type that has ocurred there before and which is currently overdue. The last one was over 640,000 years ago.

Great "coup de grace" blows have also been prepared by the Yakuza, in order
to guarantee the catastrophic collapse of the U.S. economy, followed by the
swift destruction of the United States itself. Several of these involve
opportunistic volcano eruptions and tsunamis {liii} that can readily be

As an example, prior to the end of 2004 the Yakuza registered one or
more of its large scalar interferometers upon one of the world's largest
supervolcanoes - whose calderas lie beneath or near Yellowstone National
Park. The symbolic timing so close to the anniversary of the 9/11 attack
should not be overlooked. The Yellowstone supervolcano erupts about every600,000 years, and some 640,000 years have elapsed since its last eruption.

Hence - geologically speaking - its next eruption is overdue, and the Caldera undoubtedly harbors great pent-up stress. Presently a Yakuza finger
is on the trigger of the registered scalar mterferometer(s). If that finger
pushes the trigger, the interferometer will  gradually inject tremendous energy into the Yellowstone supervolcano's stress zone, resulting in a violent eruption. Its previous eruption, about 640,000 years ago, devastated much of North America, including most of the higher life forms.

By deliberately kindling the supervolcano into eruption, most of North
America would be devastated, and particularly most of the United States. The supervolcano could eject more ash, lava, rock, and debris than the entire
Grand Canyon can hold. Additional side effects would include the instant
destruction of most of the agricultural food crops in North America by
covering the farmland with thick ash a meter or more in thickness. Survivors
would be faced with the immediate problems of starvation and fatal lung
disease (Marie's disease), the degree of lung disease varying with exposure
to silicon particles of different sizes. Food animals would also be killed in the same catastrophe.

Bearden identifies another possible target for such a volcanic triggering:
Cumbre Vieja, on the Island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. A volcano
there would cause a hugely massive piece of earth to splash into the ocean
which would cause a tsunami, oversweeping New York and Boston.

Another certain eco-target would be (as before) the San Andreas fault and other
locations along the west coast "ring of fire." Yes, these things are too terrible to contemplate, but that is why the people themselves must awaken to the dangers of scalar weapons since the current government seems too corrupted to do anything.

A great fuss must be raised such as the early mass protests to nuclear weapons. For one thing, massive letter writing campaigns are needed simply
to inform congress that the public is becoming aware of these weapons and
calling for the whole subject to be out in the open so it can be addressed.

The alternate radio networks need to be used to inform people of the incredible dangers of these new super-weapons.We are now within the zone of crisis of Bearden's estimated time line. Next Bearden outlines the modes of using scalar weapons to control weather. The chapter is ended with a reiteration that the only way to counter the threat to the power grids is to develop free energy systems and distribute electricity sources all over the place.

The only way to prevent the total economic collapse of the United States
induced by collapsing the centralized electrical power system is to immediately initiate the strongest possible energy from the vacuum systems development and production program.

 For the nation to survive the coming
destruction of its power system, the goal must be to replace the entire centralized power system, including its long distribution lines and large feeder power plants, with decentralized EFTV power systems as rapidly as possible. That centralized system is simply not defensible and not sustainable against current threats, and against the hostile assets already successfully inserted or waiting abroad to support terrorist operations inside the U.S. So the strongest possible immediate efforts are necessary if we are to prevent our total economic collapse in about two years, and also our subsequent total destruction by combined scalar interferometry and
internal terrorist attacks.

A massive Manhattan-type project to develop and deploy EFTV electrical power systems is most urgently required, as at least equal to the highest U.S. priority.

We bluntly state without further
discussion that such EFTV systems are indeed already developed in our own
country and worldwide, and so they are available, but they have deliberately
been withheld or suppressed for decades. Now they must be unleashed.

This has taken us halfway through the text portion of "Oblivion - America at
the Brink." The second half of this book review (Part 2) will be posted in a
day or two. Some of the chapters in Part 2 deal with the threat of the use
of scalar waves on the human mind, a branch of scalar science dubbed
psychoenergetics" by the Russians. Bearden also deals with ability of these
weapons to attack the immune systems of people over a wide area.

Also in Part 2 some samples of the slide shows portion of the book will be shown. The whole subject of scalar electromagnetics is so vast and
complicated that these slides can be very helpful for reviewing the main points.

I will leave readers with the thought that keeps recurring to me: that the whole discovery of scalar energy is like a fairytale myth in which God tests
humanity by granting the ultimate boon. The test consists in the fact that the great boon (energy) can also be the ultimate weapon of total destruction.

The discovery of this universal energy pushes humanity directly into the
battle between good and evil in our collective unconscious. Species which
pass this test receive the full benefit of the God's boon. Those species
which fail are destroyed. To receive this boon a species must have reached a
spiritual level which truly understands and practices: Thou Shall Not Kill.

Book Review Part 2:
"Oblivion - America at the Brink" by Tom Bearden

This continues my book review of the book "Oblivion - America at the Brink"
by scalar scientist Tom Bearden, which is available at his website Cheniere
org . The book concerns the current high level threat to America and other
western countries by scalar electromagnetic weapons in the possession of certain rogue groups such as the "old" KGB in Russia and the Yakuza group in Japan.

Part 1 of this review can be accessed here:

Tom Bearden's "Oblivion - America at the Brink" Book Describes Current Scalar Weapons Threat

Part 2

The discovery of scalar electromagnetics and the longitudinal waves in the
vacuum of spacetime is a modern day equivalent of the ancient myth about
Pandora's Box." It is the discovery of an incredible boon given freely by
nature which turns out to be a double-edged sword and which will test our
species' spiritual readiness to enter a new era of the engineering of
physical reality itself.

It is what the mystic Gurdjieff called the
Heropass," the energy of time, the gateway to a higher order. Currently it
does not seem that humanity is faring well in this test of possessing the
keys to the kingdom of time energy.

Rogue groups around the world have
weaponized the zero point energy and are planning what I called "Scalar Wars
to destroy certain nations and eventually rule the world. If we fail in this test, a test which any species in the galaxy must face when its technology reaches this level, then we either go back to the beginning of civilization in a ruined world with a decimated population, or we wipe out all life on earth completely.

Remember Nikita Khrushchev's warning about these weapons way back in 1960:
"We have a new weapon, just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak, which is so powerful that, if  unrestrainedly used, it could wipe out
all life on earth. It is a fantastic weapon."
Khrushchev, to the Presidium, Jan. 1960.

The scalar weapons (longitudinal wave interferometers have such a dazzling array of powers that it is difficult for people to believe they can exist until one realizes the utter profundity of the
discovery of the waves themselves. Just as Einstein discovered the tremendous energy that was hidden in matter, the new discovery unlocks the tremendous energy that is hidden in time itself. Both matter and time turn out to be compressed energy (by a factor of lightspeed squared). Bearden gives a partial list of the capabilities of scalar weapons on page 30 of Oblivion" which focusses on weather engineering especially, but which contains the following items of relevance to the threat to our centralized power grid (electricity) system.

o. The use of a more portable scalar interferometer to destroy the electronic controls of a normal or nuclear power plant from a distance is obvious. With nuclear power plants this poses the risk of a melt down.

Electrical controls for pipe valves, etc. are also vulnerable; spent nuclear
fuel rods are largely stored in underwater pools on normal power plant sites. If valves open and the water drains from those pools, the rods will heat up
and a melt down or very hazardous venting of radioactivity can ensue.

p. The control systems for hydroelectric dams are deadly vulnerable to scalar interferometry attack.

q. Large electronic complexes such as switching and control systems,
centralized control systems for power grids and substations, etc. are highly
vulnerable to attack by longor short-range scalar interferometers.

t. Surges on the power distribution grid transmission lines can easily be
accomplished by scalar interferometry at will, methodically causing great damage to the grid and emergency shutdown of most of its "feeding" power plants. As much of the grid as desired can easily be kept nonfunctional, as long as desired, by occasional repeats from a single long-range scalar interferometer.

 u. Any communications center or headquarters is completely vulnerable to attack and destruction by strategic or portable scalar interferometers. Since a scalar interferometer can also produce negative energy EMP pulses of extreme lethality in the interference zone, all
centralized command and control systems are essentially totally vulnerable.

As an example, our own future network centric warfare communications systems
can be totally destroyed in a few minutes by only a few scalar interferometers, even by just one.

One can see the brilliance of the alleged KGB/Yakuza plan; it is asymmetrical warfare. Conventional warfare has been made obsolete by the new generation of superweapons. Modern life and our current standard of living is completely impossible without electricity. We have been shocked into that realization occasionally by power outages which last only a few days.

Imagine a nationwide power outage of six months or more! Of course the
KGB/Yakuza faction does not have a total monopoly on this technology and this new strategy is available to anyone who possesses scalar weapons.

U.S. Societal Polarizations Are Being Gradually Increased In the next mini-chaper of "Oblivion" Bearden introduces a new factor in the coming scalar wars: psychoenergetics, the use of longitudinal EM waves to engineer and influence the human mind directly. Bearden believes the scalar weapons are already being used covertly in this mode to increase divisions and polarizations within our society by broadcasting waves (anger? hatred?) which set group against group.
However, for the first time in history, certain rather esoteric "mind war"
FSB/KGB weapons are being directly employed to gradually and reliably
intensify the societal polarizations in America- straight vs. gay, conservative vs. liberal, Republican vs. Democrat, one religion against another, one race against another, labor class vs. financial class, etc. The strategic objective is to increase and intensify the extreme ends of these
polarizations, by altering the behaviour of certain leaders.

 With intensification, the polarizations will slowly become so fierce that, about
two years from now, serious rioting and bloodshed massively spilling into the streets and cities will result in chaos, martial law, etc. and severe polarization and disorganization. In short, the society will be engaged in fiercely consuming itself.

So far, the deliberate escalation of our societal polarizations by the new mind war and conversion techniques is right on schedule, as anyone can see now, and will increasingly see over the next two
years. U.S. societal polarizations will continue to increase now that the election is over. Temporary conversions and fractional conversions of the minds and mind operations (and therefore the behavior) of selected leaders or prime movers in the various polarization areas are being used and will increase. This capability arises from the branch of energetics known as psychoenergetics, and such measures are now being used selectively to intensify our polarizations. Particularly see our giant briefing on mind war and conversions, in the second part of this book.

Psychoenergetic mind control is unlike anything you have ever heard of before. Previous attempts in this direction involved using ordinary transverse EM waves, but the longitudinal EM can lock into the mind's own functions because those brain/mind functions are already scalar EM in nature.

Bearden has published an article on his website about psychoenergetics
which he wrote for "Explore" magazine in 1999. He cites three cases of
psychoenergetic testing which proved the principle.

Dramatic tests of the distant, total control over the mind and behavior of a
person performing an intensive technical task (flying and operating an aircraft as a weapons platform) were conducted against Captains Button and Svoboda in 1997. A third test against Captain Hess in 1998 demonstrated total control of the autonomic nervous system as well. Those dramatic suicides" were deliberate, high profile stimuli to see if our own
intelligence analysts knew anything about psychoenergetics yet. The answer
was a very resounding and clear "No, they are still ignorant of that area,
they are very determined to remain ignorant of that area, and hence the
nation is still deadly vulnerable to use of such weapons and effects."

In the case of Captain Svoboda she was targeted with waves which simply
reversed the sense of up and down in her mind. She went up, and flew into
the ground. See the slides about this at Bearden's website. Bearden fears
that in addition to the coming attack on the power grids the scalar weapons
will also be used in psychoenergic mode upon the minds of the population to
basically make everyone simply go crazy, thus ensuring the total collapse of
our society and its functions. A nation could survive somehow perhaps,
without electricity, by reverting to a 19th century lifestyle, but not if
people go nuts. Bearden paints this grim picture:

Added to assure that great economic collapse, there will also be a sudden
and massive collapse of "group ordering and coherence" (GO) induced by
massive conversions of "sleeper" inserted conversions and fractional
conversions. E.g., by sudden switching conversion of massive numbers of key
persons whose behavior instantly and dramatically changes all over the map,
the order and coherence of any important group can be and will be devastated
and lost, immediately. Our police forces may suddenly begin attacking our
populace, while crews manning and operating our ICBMs, nuclear subs, and
nuclear bombers "go crazy" and erratically start firing at our own cities,
and at each other. And so on, in a society that has suddenly erupted into
total schizophrenia. Throughout the U.S. and Canada, GO will rather
dramatically become NO-GO, as all group coherence is lost and total chaos
sets in, as in the two examples given..

With this added dimension of psychoenergetics we can begin to grasp how completely outmoded conventional warfare is. In the light of scalar weapons
conventional war, like that going on in Iraq, is like the lumbering fight of
dinosaurs. In other writings Bearden has pointed out that scalar weapons can
eventually used the entire collective unconscious of the human race (which
is an actual scalar electromagnetic "thing") to turn mankind into something
like an "ant" society of workers and drones, a possibility too terrible to

Insertions Far Exceeding Public Acknowledgment Next Bearden discusses the topic of "insertions" by which he means nuclear
(and scalar?) weapons already secretly brought into the United States by the
old KGB. I'm puzzled as to why this is deemed necessary given the powers of
the scalar interferometers and messiness of nuclear explosions.

Modern Asymmetrical War: The Scorpion Duel
In this chapter Bearden defines asymmetrical warfare as having two main
phases: Insertion and Operations. Insertion means preparing by inserting
weapons of destruction into the target country.

Instead of an identifiable single army on a single foreign battlefield, the
terrorist foe's "vitals" are hidden around the world, in many places, and in
many ways. Many of them - often the most dangerous of them - are secretly
hidden right here in the United States, inserted during the insertion phase
which has been ongoing for at least 20 years. In the U.S., we cannot "hide"
our vitals such as refineries, pipelines, railroads, bridges, electrical
power plants and long transmission lines, harbors, water supplies, food
supplies, etc. Instead, we can only try to protect them against their
certain attack, and try to limit the damage and destruction. The main target
for the terrorists is not just our military forces, but is primarily our
civilian populace and especially our national economy - which is
particularly vulnerable by the rather simple destruction of our centralized
electrical power system and its primary support infrastructure. The real art
of asymmetric war is to first draw most of the targeted opponent's military
forces out of the protected fortress and get them scattered widely in
distant locations and distant struggles. By augmenting the distant
resistance, this forces the targeted nation's military forces mostly to be
deployed elsewhere, leaving the internal fortress itself much less protected
and thus making it highly vulnerable.

The last paragraph is chilling and brings to mind the huge proportion of
American forces which are currently scattered around in Iraq and Afghanistan
Is the Bush regime unwittingly playing into a trap to remove the military
away and out of the nation? Have the above mentioned psychoenergetic weapons
been used on top officials including Bush to get them, against all other
advice, to leave the "homeland" undefended? Many articles have been written
about the fact that Bush seems to be suffering some kind of megalomaniacal
mental illness. Is this "illness" being aided and abetted by scalar weapons
in psychoenergetic mode? (and now Obama continues the same pattern)

Distant Military Actions: Necessary but Not Sufficient
Here Bearden addresses the fact that American intelligence and military do
not seem to grasp the new realities of asymmetrical warfare and are
proceeding along a path of "war as usual." But the new weapons have thrust
us into a new reality in which old style conventional war is nearly
Indeed, as with every other strong and emotional subject, the subject of
asymmetry" in warfare is itself a societal polarization area. Typical
anti-views" simply downplay the very notion of asymmetry as being "nothing
new or special" in warfare {lxviii}. As one reads such treatises, it becomes
crystal clear that our own strategic planners and strategic theorists
themselves are often confused, simply recasting asymmetric war into what has
gone before. They are not factoring in such radical developments as the
Yakuza's acquisition and use of scalar electromagnetic superweapons, or the
dramatic change that occurs in the theory once full strategic U.S.
destruction is a capability already in terrorists' hands, with multiple
knock- out blows already cocked and waiting. And they certainly are not
factoring in the stunning implications of mind war, conversions, etc. If one
can disable an entire populace mentally, at a single stroke, one can use
such "mind war" conversion switching to destroy any order in the society
nearly instantly.
Asymmetric Warfare Simplified: An Overview
Here Bearden continues discussion of the "insertion phase" and "operations
phase" of asymmetrical warfare. He says that the insertion phase against the
West has been going on for two decades now and that the West has been
completely "asleep" to it, and the three year "operations phase" has now
begun. Ignorance of scalar weapons (and free energy) is the greatest asset
of those entities which want to use the boon of scalar energy in order to
destroy. Such entities will be the ones responsible for mankind's failing of
the test we now face as a species.
The great advantage of the insertion phase is that it covertly prepares a
great "barrage" where the "ordnance delivery to the exact target locations "
has already been accomplished and its lethal effectiveness against the
actual targets has therefore been assured in advance. With proper stealth
and intrigue, the insertion phase can be accomplished slowly and at will,
and without any extraordinary resistance being offered by the "sleeping"
targeted nation or population!

A Few Questions to be Answered
Continuation of the above. One question Bearden asks is why the public has
not been informed about the new superweapons. He goes back to William Cohen
s statement, the only time any government official has confirmed the
existence of these weapons.
In view of Secretary of Defense William Cohen's seminal 1997 statement, what
specifically is the capability of the terrorists to cause those volcanic
eruptions, weather engineering and climate control, and initiation of
earthquakes? Particularly in view of anomalous quake swarms ongoing, and the
disastrous 9.3 undersea quake on Dec. 26, 2004 that initiated the
catastrophic tsunamis in Asia? What specifically is the nature of these
strange "electromagnetic" weapons confirmed by Defense Secretary Cohen? What
specifically are the counters to them, and specifically how effective are
these counters? Further, why is so large a percentage of the government
still unknowledgeable of this critical portion of the terrorist threat and
thus totally unprepared for it? Why has the American public not been
completely and adequately briefed on these confirmed terrorist developments?
He also asks why there is no government program to develop free
(decentralized) energy systems to eliminate the vulnerability of our
centralized power grids.

Why are they not conducting a massive Manhattan-type project for energy from
the vacuum systems to totally replace the present centralized power system?
The[re] is no other possible solution, once one recognizes that the centralized electrical power system itself is going in be destroyed with very high assurance, within about two years from now.
We must note that his phrase "about two years from now," written in 2005,
means NOW, 2007.

The Ease with which Terrorists Could Obtain WMDs This chapter deals with the increasing availability of various types of
weapons of mass destruction, particularly as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Actually, for quite some time, any funded terrorist organization that wished a copious supply of the finest anthrax ever made, and wished a strain already resistant to many of our treatments, could just go to Voz Island, pay the natives a little sum, and dig up the dirt in the appropriate part of the dump site, sack it up, and carry it away. Or pay the natives a bit more, and they would dig it up and sack it for the buyer. Wash out the dirt, and one would have all one wanted of the highest grade anthrax spores ever made.

It's safe to assume that those terrorist organizations who wanted a copious
supply of high grade anthrax already obtained it with relative ease.

A Simple but Lethal Strategic Strike with Horrific Casualties

In this chapter Bearden discusses the use of anthax as a biological weapon
of mass destruction. He is leading up to the topic of using scalar weapons
as "broadcasters" of virtual disease patterns in order to weaken people's
immune systems as a prelude to a biological warfare attack.

The True Cause of Gulf War Disease
By use of scalar interferometry (as is possessed by the Yakuza) or quantum
potential weapons (which the Yakuza does not have, but the KGB/FSB does), in
advance of the attack it is possible to trick the immune system of each
person in the targeted populace area so that it erroneously "detects"
invasion by, say, two dozen different pathogens at once. This is done by
simply placing the EM "shadow disease engines" or "shadow precursor engines"
(in the virtual level just beneath quantum level) for those specific
pathogenic conditions in weak EM radiation or in quantum potentials focused into t h e bodies in the area targeted. The immune system reacts to what it detects, not necessarily to what is actually occurring. Given this
deliberate stimulation and the resulting alarming false detection, the deceived immune system desperately spreads its finite assets across those detected" two dozen invading "shadow" pathogens.

The above technique greatly increases the effectiveness of any subsequent
attack because the immune system is worn out by attempting to fight the
shadow EM disease patterns. It has been working overtime uselessly.

This "spreading of the immune system" is what was deliberately done to
generate the "Gulf War Disease" in some of our soldiers in the first Gulf War. The immune systems of our soldiers in certain areas - already weakened
a bit by multiple vaccinations - were spread by hostile forces, as a test to
see if our scientists and analysts recognized what was being done. [snip]

Combining immune system pre-spreading with subsequent real BW attack will
increase the yield of the attack itself by a factor of at least three.

Terrorism by Electromagnetic Biological Warfare 

Perhaps then it is understandable that the present author has a very personal interest in that particular B W mycoplasma disease and that set of
incidents, and in the continuing gross failure of the NIH to acquaint heart
doctors in the U.S. of that nefarious program and what happened.

Today there is a direct involvement of this BW-modified mycoplasma in a significant fraction of patents with heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. Manyof the citizens of the U.S. and Canada already have that BW organism
infecting their bodies, like a ticking time bomb waiting to erupt perhaps many years later. To this day, very few hospitals and medical clinics are
capable of doing the test that can detect the very specific type of BW-modified mycoplasma.

No Effective Treatment for Mass Casualties

As a further example of U.S. medical orientation, in 1998 the author, with a
colleague, tried very hard to persuade the NIH, DoD, USAF, and other federal
agencies to develop a portable unit for such EM mass casually treatment in a
crash U.S. government program, to save millions of lives in the coming
asymmetric warfare debacle. The EM mechanism proposed would have generated an amplified anti-engine for a specific BW-induced disease. "Pumping" the diseased body with opposing longitudinal EM waves will form amplified
anti-engines to a specific disease engine in the stricken body.

By then radiating the body with the amplified anti-engine, or simply pumping the body to produce the amplified antiengine, it overrides the actual disease engine, eroding away the disease engine and the disease along with it, and
reversing the physical condition back to normal. Or, in biological terms, this is the secret of dedifferentiation of a diseased or disordered cell or cellular body back to normal cells and normal health.

 It is quick; it was thoroughly proven in France in the 1960s and 1970s; it was evidenced in Becker's work, and it was documented in the hard French medical science literature. Once developed, this would be a mass casualty treatment therapy far superior to anything presently existing, which could save millions of lives in the debacle now roaring down upon us.

 The NIH, DoD, USAF, CDC, and other federal agencies had not the slightest notion of what we were talking
about, and we never got out of the "policy" section at NIH, even with the
assistance of Congressman Bud Cramer.

Not a single scientist in any of those
government agencies cared a whit, or even called to discuss the proposal and
its novel physical mechanism. Apparently none checked the hard scientific
references we cited from the French medical science literature where the
basic mechanism had been proven. (or they knew, but the depopulation program overrides any notion of making people well!)

The following two chapters continue the discussion of biological warfare
possibilities when assisted by scalar weapons.

Impact of Immune System Spreading

Impact of Smallpox Release

The Grim Nuclear Problem

According to the present Yakuza/KGB/FSB and international terrorist plans, their actions are expected to reduce the U.S. to lying prostrate and
helpless two years from now. With a U.S. nation in utter chaos and ruin, and
economically already collapsed catastrophically, a touch-up with the FSB/KGB quantum potential weapons (the most powerful weapons on earth, but possessed by at least five nations) would quickly dud every nuclear weapon, ICBM, nuclear bomber, nuclear power plant, nuclear submarine propulsion system, etc. on the planet. The dudding could be achieved in about 10 minutes,
although an hour or so seems to be allotted for it. This is "pulling the
dragon's teeth and claws."

The conventional strategic military power (ICBMs, nuclear bombs and warheads, and nuclear subs etc.) will be suddenly disabled and effectively wiped out, to exist no more. All that giant strategic
apparatus will be just so much trash on the garbage dump of history.

Now we come to the grand finale of "Oblivion - America at the Brink."
Bearden, in a terrifying scenario, now describes a scalar war against
America. It seems like something out of a science fiction movie where there
is not only physical destruction but masses of people stumbling around in a
kind of terminal madness induced by the scalar weapons. George Lucas: Wake
up! Your fantasies did not happen long long ago in a galaxy far far away!
They are happening right now on planet earth! Alert the world and mobilize
your Jedi warriers, now!

Further, the U.S. society will be enmeshed in total chaos from the intensity developed in its polarizations. The society will be massively spilling its
own blood, fighting in the streets, as a result of conversions of the leaders of the polarization areas.

In addition, massive "sleeper"
conversions suddenly triggered en masse throughout our government leadership
scientific leadership, police, armed forces, large technical corporations
etc., will generate a society instantly gone totally berserk.

We shall see police attacking cities and civilians, armed forces attacking each other and the civilian populace, etc. The order in all organizations that is necessary for civilization to survive will suddenly have dissipated, never to return
again. This is one way in which, by themselves, psychoenergetics weapons can totally destroy an entire culture or the entire Western civilization.

At that point, with a U.S. in total chaos, the Yakuza gleefully plan to participate in the methodical destruction of the United States - the terminal part of the present Operations Phase. It will be a turkey shoot.

The Yakuza will be freed to just blast away at will with their scalar interferometers, as they wish, to continue to the full destruction of the
United States by destroying cities, infrastructure, and the entire civilian

We will see the operational unleashing of this terrible plan, already just beginning l i n i n g the two years starting at the beginning of 2005, and
gradually increasing in intensity, and finishing at the end of the second
year with the catastrophic economic collapse of the United States. Once the
economic collapse is complete and chaos is supreme, the sudden dudding of
all our nuclear weapons, power plants, and nuclear propulsion systems will
be the coup de grace that leaves us a hapless target. The rest of it is the
turkey shoot, to simply execute us and finish us off. In the interim, we
will see damaging volcano activity increasing, and very probably we will see
powerful tsunamis striking both the U.S. West Coast and East Coast. If it
were to somehow become necessary, the Yakuza will also trigger the
Yellowstone supervolcano into violent eruption, destroying the United States
and most of North America.

Summary and Conclusion
Finally, Bearden sums up the foregoing, starting with the things mentioned
in the now famous statement by then Secretary of Defense William Cohen: the
use of scalar weapons to induce earthquakes (2004 tsunami,  ellowstone) and  volcanos (Cumbre Vieja, Toba supervolcano in Sumatra) and other possible target zones and weather engineering of hurricanes and droughts. Meanwhile, despite Cohen's rare statement, the Western governments appear not to have a clue.


* * *

The Rockefeller World, Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission · 4 December 11

By Andrew Gavin Marshall – Contributing Writer
December 1, 2011

The following is a sneak peak from a chapter in Marshall’s upcoming book funded through The People’s Book Project.

It is quite apparent in the history of America from the late 19th century and into the 20th century, that the Rockefeller family has wielded massive influence in shaping the socio-political economic landscape of society.

However, up until the first half of the 20th century came to a close, there were several other large dominant families with whom the Rockefellers shared power and purpose, notably among them, the Morgans. As the century progressed, their interests aligned further still, and following World War II, the Rockefellers became the dominant group in America, and arguably, the world.

Of course, there was the well-established business links between the major families emerging out of the American Industrial Revolution going into the 20th century, followed with the establishment of the major foundations designed to engage in social engineering. It was with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) that the changing dynamics of the Morgan-Rockefeller clan became most apparent.

As discussed earlier in this book, the Council on Foreign Relations is the ultimate networking and socializing institution among the American elite. The influence of the CFR is unparalleled among other think tanks. One study revealed that between 1945 and 1972, roughly 45% of the top foreign policy officials who served in the United States government were also members of the Council, leading one prominent member to once state that membership in the Council is essentially a “rite of passage” for being a member of the foreign policy establishment.

One Council member, Theodore White, explained that the Council’s “roster of members has for a generation, under Republican and Democratic administrations alike, been the chief recruiting ground for Cabinet-level officials in Washington.”[1]

The CIA, as previously examined, is also no stranger to this network, since more often than not in the first several decades of the existence of the Agency, its leaders were drawn from Council membership, such as Allen Dulles, John A. McCone, Richard Helms, William Colby, and George H.W. Bush. As some researchers have examined:

The influential but private Council, composed of several hundred of the country’s top political, military, business, and academic leaders has long been the CIA’s principal “constituency” in the American public. When the agency has needed prominent citizens to front for its proprietary (cover) companies or for other special assistance, it has often turned to Council members.[2]

Roughly 42% of the top foreign policy positions in the Truman administration were filled by Council members, with 40% in the Eisenhower administration, 51% of the Kennedy administration, and 57% of the Johnson administration, many of whom were holdovers from the Kennedy administration.[3]

The Council has had and continues to have enormous influence in the mainstream media, through which it is able to propagate its ideology, advance its agendas, and conceal its influence. In 1972, three out of ten directors and five out of nine executives of the New York Times were Council members. In the same year, one out of four editorial executives and four of nine directors of the Washington Post were also Council members, including its President, Katharine Graham, as well as the Vice-President Osborn Elliott, who was also editor-in-chief of Newsweek. Of both Time Magazine and Newsweek, almost half of their directors in 1972 were also Council members.[4]

The Council also has extensive ties to the other major American think tanks, most especially the Brookings Institution, as well as the RAND Corporation, the Hudson Institute, the Foreign Policy Association, and of course, the special-purpose foundations such as the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, of which fifteen of its twenty-one trustees (as of 1971) were also Council members, and its president from 1950 to 1971, Joseph E. Johnson, was also a director of the Council during the same time period.[5]

The Council and the major philanthropic foundations have had extensive ties not only to each other, but in working together in constructing research and programs of study in foreign affairs. The State Department undertook a study of 191 university-connected centers for foreign affairs research, which revealed that the largest sources of funding came from the Ford Foundation (which funded 107 of the 191 centers), the federal government (which funded 67 centers), the Rockefeller Foundation (18 centers), and the Carnegie Corporation (17 centers), and that, “for eleven of the top twelve universities with institutes of international studies, Ford is the principal source of funding.”[6]

These foundations, aside from being major sources of funding for the Council throughout the years from its origins, also share extensive leadership ties with the Council. At the top of the list is the Rockefeller Foundation, which in 1971 had fourteen out of nineteen of its directors also being members of the Council; the Carnegie Corporation followed with ten out of seventeen; then came the Ford Foundation with seven out of sixteen; and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund with six out of eleven board members also being members of the Council.

It should also be noted that the Carnegie network extended beyond the Carnegie Corporation, and also included the Carnegie Endowment, the Carnegie Institute of Washington, and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. From its founding until 1972, one-fourth of all the Council’s directors had served as trustees or directors of at least one of the several Carnegie foundations. John J. McCloy had served as chairman of both the Council and the Ford Foundation at the same time, from the 1950s until the late 60s.[7]

Of all the networks associated with the Council, the most highly represented is the New York financial oligarchy. This broadly refers to the capitalist class, and more specifically the elite financial and banking groups. In a 1969 survey it was found that seven percent of the total membership of the Council are drawn from the propertied rich, with 33% more being top executives and directors of major corporations.

Roughly 11% of Council members had relatives who were also members, and the most common occupation for members of the Council, at 40%, was in business. When adding in media corporations, the number reaches nearly 50%, with less than 1% representing labour or working class organizations.[8]

When it comes to Council leadership, the officers are almost exclusively drawn from membership of the ruling capitalist class, with 22% of Council directors having relatives who were also Council members. Financing for the Council has also been largely drawn from this group, primarily from foundations and corporations, as well as various investments and subscriptions to Foreign Affairs.

When the Council got its own building in 1929, a Council director, Paul Warburg, contributed a significant portion, and John D. Rockefeller II contributed even more. When the Council moved into a larger building in 1945, the house was donated by Mrs. Harold Pratt, whose husband had made his fortune from the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil enterprise, and John D. Rockefeller II contributed $150,000 for upkeep of the house.

Between 1936 and 1946, funding from the major foundations averaged roughly $90,000 per year, mostly from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation, who continued their funding into the 1950s, 60s and 70s. In 1953, the Ford Foundation made its first major contribution to the Council at $100,000 for a study of US-Soviet relations which was chaired by John J. McCloy. In that same year, McCloy became Chairman of the Council, the Ford Foundation, and the Rockefeller-owned Chase Bank.[9]

Among the top corporations and banks represented in the Council (as of 1969/70) were: U.S. Steel (founded by J.P. Morgan in 1901 after acquiring Andrew Carnegie’s steel companies for a hefty sum), Mobil Oil (now merged with Exxon), Standard Oil of New Jersey (later to be Exxon Mobil), IBM, ITT, General Electric, Du Pont, Chase Manhattan Bank, J.P. Morgan and Co. (now merged with Chase into J.P. Morgan Chase), First National City Bank, Chemical Bank, Brown Brothers Harriman, Bank of New York, Morgan Stanley, Kuhn Loeb, Lehman Brothers, and several others.[10]

The New York financial oligarchy could previously be divided into separate groups, notably among them, the Rockefeller group, Morgan group, Harriman group, the Lehman-Goldman, Sachs group, and a few select others.

The Rockefeller group included: Chase Manhattan Bank, Chemical Bank, Bank of New York, Equitable Life, Metropolitan Life, Mobil Oil, Kuhn, Loeb, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley and McCloy (law firm), and Standard Oil. The Morgan group included: J.P. Morgan and Co., Morgan Stanley, New York Life, Mutual of New York, Davis, Polk (law firm), U.S. Steel, General Electric, and IBM. As Laurence Shoup and William Minter examined in their book on the Council:

At the Council’s origin and until the early 1950s, the most prominent place within the Council was held by men tied to Morgan interests. Since the 1950s the Rockefeller interests have taken the major role in directing Council affairs.[11]

The Council, while always representative of Rockefeller interests, had seemed to officially pass from Morgan hands into those of the Rockefeller family in 1953. Three of John D. Rockefeller II’s sons, John D. III, Nelson, and David joined the Council in the late 30s and early 40s, and David became a director in 1949.

From 1953 until 1971, George S. Franklin became executive director of the Council. Franklin was a college roommate of David Rockefeller’s, and they were related by marriage, and he had worked at the law firm of Davis, Polk (within the Morgan group), before becoming an assistant to Nelson Rockefeller. In 1950, David Rockefeller became a vice-president, and John J. McCloy, a long-time representative of the Rockefeller group, became chairman of the Council in 1953, as well as chairman of the Rockefeller’s Chase Bank.

It could also be said that the Rockefeller group overtook the Ford group around this time, as indicative of McCloy taking position as chairman of the Ford Foundation in the same year (while also being a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation). In the following years, several leadership positions in the Council were drawn from organizations within the Rockefeller group. John W. Davis, Robert Roosa, and Bill Moyers were all Council leaders who were connected with the Rockefeller Foundation.[12]

As the years and decades passed, the Rockefeller group became even more powerful and dominant within the American establishment and indeed around the world, firmly establishing itself alongside the Rothschild family as the principle dynastic rulers of the globalized world.

Of course, there were and still are several connections between these dynastic ruling families, perhaps so much so that it may be difficult to entirely differentiate between them. Both were involved in the founding and remain involved in the leadership of the Bilderberg Group. In the 1970s, however, it became apparent that the Rockefellers had certainly become the most influential dynasty in America, if not the world (as America was and remains the imperial hegemon of the world). More specifically, David Rockefeller arose as perhaps the most influential man in America, if not the world.

David Rockefeller graduated from Harvard in 1936, and then went to school at the London School of Economics, where he first met John F. Kennedy, and had even dated JKF’s sister, Kathleen.[13] During World War II, David Rockefeller served in North Africa and France, working for military intelligence.[14]

In 1947, he became a member of the board of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a major international think tank, a job that was offered to him by the Carnegie’s President, Alger Hiss. Other members of the board included John Foster Dulles, who in 1953 would become Secretary of State; Dwight D. Eisenhower, who in 1953 would become President; and Thomas J. Watson, the CEO of IBM.[15] Thomas J. Watson had previously overseen IBM’s deep business relationship with Hitler in providing the technological machinery for organizing the Holocaust.[16] In 1949, David joined the board of the Council on Foreign Relations. In 1946, he had joined Chase Bank, and through the years rose up to becoming President in 1960, and became Chairman and CEO of Chase Manhattan in 1969.

David Rockefeller had long family ties to the Dulles brothers, whom he knew personally since his college years.[17] Allen Dulles had been the CIA Director and John Foster Dulles was Eisenhower’s Secretary of State. David was also associated with Richard Helms, former top CIA official, as well as Archibald Roosevelt, Jr., a former CIA agent who worked with Chase Manhattan, and whose brother, Kermit Roosevelt was another CIA agent who had been responsible for organizing the 1953 coup in Iran.[18]

David Rockefeller also developed close ties with a former CIA agent, William Bundy, who was close to CIA Director Allen Dulles, and who later served in both the Defense Department and the State Department in the JFK and Lyndon Johnson administrations, where he was a pivotal adviser on matters related to the Vietnam War.

In 1971, one year following David Rockefeller becoming Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, Bundy was invited by David to become the editor of Foreign Affairs, the influential journal of the Council on Foreign Relations, which he then ran for 11 years.[19] David had also been extensively briefed on covert intelligence operations by various CIA division chiefs at the direction of Director Allen Dulles, David’s “friend and confidante.”[20]

Thus, in the early 1970s, David Rockefeller has risen to a position of great influence as Chairman of the Council and Chase Manhattan, placing him at the centre of the network which defines, designs, and profits from America’s imperial interests.

Thus, the international situation in the late 1960s and early 1970s, of a general feeling of American imperial decline, competition increasing and cooperation decreasing between the major industrialized nations, and the general independence and liberations struggles throughout the ‘Third World’ and at home had created a general sense of oligarchic uncertainty. Of particular interest, and much more so to a banker, was the international functions of the debt market, specifically for the ‘Third World’ nations. As examined in Holly Sklar’s book, Trilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management:

West European and Japanese firms invaded the U.S. market and competed for the growing Third World market. Moreover, European nations began to give aid and loans to Third World nations, becoming an alternative source of aid and strengthening economic ties to their former colonies. Third World nations began to use U.S. aid to repay debts to Western Europe or relied on U.S. aid to offset chronic balance-of-payments shortages incurred, in part, through buying European products

. In effect, the U.S. saw itself as paying for Third World importation of European and Japanese goods… In short, the problem from the perspective of the U.S. was that the situation then unfolding gave Third World borrowing nations too much freedom to manipulate the system, to the partial advantage of Western Europe and the Third World and to the definite disadvantage of the U.S. … In particular, the U.S. was concerned with extending its economic (and political) hegemony over the emerging Third World politically-independent nations without creating undue tensions with Western Europe and Japan.[21]

Naturally, these concerns raised the importance and the increasing potential behind institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, themselves products of the Council on Foreign Relations. Various proposals began to emerge in ‘reforming’ these institutions to meet the changing international circumstances.

One proposal was to increase the practice of what was referred to as ‘tied’ aid: “aid to a country under the conditions that it be used by the country to buy U.S. goods and services.” Another proposal favoured cooperation among the major industrial nations, a “consortium approach to aid, which involved increased coordination among donor nations about scheduling payments due them by recipient nations.” Further, “each donor nation would refuse to grant aid except on terms identical to those of other donor nations in the consortium.”

A third proposal, gaining in popularity, was referred to as “program aid,” which was “aid given with definite stipulations, often within the context of an overall program of economic planning, to which a recipient nation had to agree in order to obtain the aid or loans.”[22] George Ball, a long-time Council member and Bilderberg participant, was Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, said in 1967 that, “the political boundaries of nation-states are too narrow and constricted to define the scope and activities of modern business.”[23]

This was the context in which Zbigniew Brzezinski, then a member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg group, had written his book, Between Two Ages, in which he called for the creation of a ‘Community of Developed Nations.’ David Rockefeller had taken note of Brzezinski’s writings, and was “getting worried about the deteriorating relations between the U.S., Europe, and Japan,” as a result of Nixon’s economic shocks.

In 1972, David Rockefeller and Brzezinski “presented the idea of a trilateral grouping at the annual Bilderberg meeting,” which was rejected on the idea of not wanting to admit the Japanese into the Bilderberg group. Many Europeans did not want to include the Japanese at the high table. In July of 1972, seventeen powerful people met at David Rockefeller’s estate in New York to plan for the creation of the Commission.

At the meeting were Brzezinski, McGeorge Bundy, the President of the Ford Foundation, (brother of William Bundy, editor of Foreign Affairs) and Bayless Manning, President of the Council on Foreign Relations.[24] So, in 1973, the Trilateral Commission was formed to address these issues. Initial funding to set up the Commission came from David Rockefeller and the Ford Foundation.[25]

For the first several years, most of the Commission’s funding came from foundations, with increasing support from major corporations, which contributed roughly 12% of its funding in 1973-76, to roughly 50% in 1984.[26] Thus, in the 1970s David Rockefeller rose to an even more prominent international position, simultaneously holding a leadership position within the Bilderberg Group, and being Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission.

Zbigniew Brzezinski was the Executive Director of the Trilateral Commission, and at the same time served as a director of the Council on Foreign Relations. The Trilateral Commission acted as an organization through which ‘hegemony of consent’ could be organized, particularly that of socializing elites from the ‘trilateral’ nations to one another, integrating their views, ideologies, objectives, and methods just as think tanks like the Council on Foreign Relations have done within the United States.

As the CFR acts domestically, the Trilateral Commission acts internationally (at least with the leading industrial nations of the North). The first European Chairman of the Commission, Max Kohnstamm, emphasized the role of ‘intellectuals’ in the construction of hegemony within the Commission:

This, which must be done by absolutely first-rate intellectuals will tend to become irrelevant unless it is done in constant checking with those who are in power or who have a considerable influence on those in power. It seems to me that the linkage between the kind of people we must get for our Trilateral Commission and the intellectuals doing the indispensable work of thinking about the elements for a new system is of the greatest importance. A Trilateral Commission without the intellectuals will become very soon a second-class negotiating forum. The intellectuals not being forced to test their ideas constantly with the establishment of our world will tend to become abstract and therefore useless… [It must be] the joint effort of our very best minds and a group of really influential citizens in our respective countries.[27]

In a 1972 speech at the Bilderberg meeting at which David Rockefeller proposed (alongside Zbigniew Brzezinski) the establishment of the Trilateral Commission, he stated that the Commission would be “bringing the best brains in the world to bear on the problems of the future… to collect and synthesize the knowledge that would enable a new generation to rebuild the conceptual framework of foreign and domestic policies.”[28]

Andrew Gavin Marshall is an independent researcher and writer based in Montreal, Canada, writing on a number of social, political, economic, and historical issues. He is also Project Manager of The People’s Book Project.


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* * *


Revelations 19:11-21
Behold A White Horse

[11] And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

[12] His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.

[13] And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.

[14] And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.

[15] And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.

[16] And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

[17] And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;

[18] That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great.

[19] And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.

[20] And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

[21] And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.
Book Summary
"My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge" (Hosea 4:6). This book is not meant for those who refuse to step out of their box, but instead cling onto their blinders, believing that the world is exactly as they have always been taught it is. Rather, it is specially written for those who discern that things are not exactly as they seem, and are dedicated to the pursuit of truth and knowledge. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places"(Ephesians 6:12).
 "Behold a White Horse" is a roller coaster ride engaged in a myriad of related topics. The reader will be taken all the way back to ancient Babylon - the foundation of all secret societies, and continue on through Egypt and Rome.
Other topics covered are ceremonial magick, kundalini power and evil spirits, the Talmud, Kabbalah, the apostasy of the Christian church today, alchemy, Papal Rome and the Catholic church, false prophets of the world, televangelists - wolves in sheep's clothing, & pagans in the pulpit. " Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the creator, who is blessed forever.
Amen" (Romans 1:25) "This work is spiritually based, using many scriptures. It is the prayer of the author that through careful reading of these pages, the reader can connect the dots into a whole new level of discernment to help guard against demon traps and the many devices of Satan. Knowledge is power and the truth really does set you free."
Anonymous said...

The below is just a example of Cisco Wheeler book. I have never read a author that describes the left arm(Protestants) of the Vatican and makes it so clear that witchcraft and demonic spirits run the Protestant world. Rome's harlots(protestants)at work. Cisco ties it all together. Her book makes John Daniel's and Tupper Saussy history research true history. There research shows that Protestantism is the back side of Rome. American store front was Protestant, but was founded by Rome and today it has a Rome store front and is run by Rome. Protestants are just part of history and not part of our reality at the present time. Cisco's Book puts EVERY piece together.

Behold A White Horse
Chapter Twenty-Eight
Vain Deceit
author Cisco Wheeler

Vain' means 'empty nothing,' and the word 'deceit' refers to deception. In addition, 'vain' speaks of the pride of life. Man's pride is always in opposition to God and His ways. A half century ago the world knew that America was a Christian nation. This is no longer the message heard among the many nations. Over the last forty years the church has forgotten that Christianity is not a philosophy, it is a Person--the one and only

Colossians 2:8

Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world , and not after Christ.

Christ Yahashua Messiah. It is a relationship with Christ that is personal and life changing. The church leaders abandoned their struggle between good and evil and slowly the people in this country began to attribute their blessings not so much to God, but to men: for many, God was put in the back seat of the church and man elevated himself to be his own god. Drowning themselves in materialism, self-centeredness and vain deceit the church has departed from God' truth. Human wisdom and philosophy always leads one away from Christ.
 The church began to disguise sin with new terminology. What God called drunkenness, today the church calls alcoholism; God said it was a sin, but today the church calls it is a disease. What God called sodomy; the church calls being gay. God calls it a perversion, and abomination, but the church calls it an altered lifestyle. What God called immorality; the church is calling it a new morality. God calls lying, cheating, stealing, a sin but in todays' church they are called abnormal social behavior.

Our churches are, for the most part, as heretical as our government. Can the sick heal the sick, or the blind lead the blind? Through moral decay one cannot separate the church from the world for the church is filled with witchcraft, child abuse, divorce, drunkenness, aids, teenage suicide, drugs, illegitimacy, abortion, sexual disorientation, and political corruption.

Through worldly compromise the majority of American churches are sleeping with the enemy as they have become an incorporated, state-controlled church under IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. When a church body accepts IRS 501(c) (3) non-profit status, it agrees to relinquish its authority as a local branch of Christ's church. It accepts restructuring as a state regulated 'religious organization.'

[1] Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help; and stay on horses, and trust in chariots, because they are many; and in horsemen, because they are very strong; but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither seek the LORD!

The state is the creator of all corporations. When a church contracts with civil government to gain the benefits of incorporation, it signs over final authority in church matters to the state.The Church grants headship to the civil government and allows it to dictate the limits of church authority, autonomy, and action.
Biblical separation results if a church maintains its original structure. But when it is reestablished as a state church, a boundary shift occurs. Now one-way separation is the demand of the creator-state to separate state church from state, so the state may easily preempt God's sovereignty.

Greg Szymanski, JD

Feb 09, 2010 10:40PM
Anonymous said...
The apostasy within the churches can be understood when you read Cisco Wheeler=Behold A White Horse".Feb 09, 2010 10:40PM

From: SouthCoastISP support
Date: Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 12:18 PM
Subject: The other side of the beast!!
Tex Marrs writes from Cisco Wheeler's book Behold A White Horse.
Posted by Cisco Wheeler at 2010-02-04 02:07
Satanists believe that the Earth is overlaid with grid lines along which powerful supernatural, occult power may flow, exactly as electricity flows through a circuit. This Luciferian power thus is envisioned to flow through this "circuit" grid, crisscrossing as it continually flows. Within the planetary grid flowing with this Luciferian power, are numerous vortexes [Definition: "Flow involving rotation about an axis; any activity regarded as drawing into its center and engulfing all that surrounds it." ] Certain important vortexes are thought to act as a "pillar" supporting the Golden age, or New Age, that is coming.

Baphomet, "Goats Head of Mendes"

Occultists believe that one very powerful vortex is located in the Capitol of the United States, in Washington, D.C. Satanists believe that, once a Satanic symbol is drawn on the ground, it begins to reverberate with occult power 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. In rituals, the Witch will almost always draw a powerful symbol on the ground from which she will conduct the ceremony. In the case of Washington, D.C., Masonic planners originally conceived that the street designs of the Capital would be laid out in the most powerful Satanic symbols possible, so that the entire Federal Government complex would reverberate with Satanic power every day of every year! This continuous flow of power directly from Lucifer himself would gradually and inevitably move this country in the direction of the occult, and would give its leaders the most incredible power as they deal with the leaders of other nations. As we showed in NEWS1040, the bottom portion of the Goats Head of Mendes Pentagram encompasses the White House; since this portion of the Goathead is thought of as containing the brain, or the mind, of Satan, then you can safely say that the power of Satan continuously flows through the White House. The President of the

United States, if he is a practicing occultist, would be infused with incredible occult power as he directed the affairs of state, and when he met with foreign leaders.


Now let us consider that, as our nation was continuously dedicated to Satan through careful orientation to the Dog Star, Sirius, so our buildings in Government Mall were dedicated to, and established according to the power of, the Serpents of Wisdom. What, you say, are the Serpents of Wisdom? As we take you through a discussion of really deep Satanism, we are indebted to former Black Magick Satanist, Cisco Wheeler, now a Born Again Christian, and co-author of several books on Illuminati Mind Control.

"The Great White Brotherhood and the Great White Lodge of our Galaxy, Sirius, have been preparing and working tirelessly to activate the highest level of dragon's lairs upon what is understood to be a planetary grid. There are many, many [energy] vortexes and each have great importance as they serve as the foundational pillars for the Golden, or New, Age ..."

"The pillar in the United States of America was founded by the Serpents of Wisdom ... who assigned the number 13 to the new nation. From its earliest history, the Phoenix Bird was the symbol of the United States; the Phoenix also has the assigned number of 13. Thus it was that the United States was formed once she had 13 colonies."

The Number 13 assigned to the United States is spoken of by New Age author, Bill Cooper, in his book, Behold A Pale Horse . Cooper marvels at the many instances of 13 that occur in the symbolism of the United States! Cooper notes the following instances of 13 in our Great Seal, shown in two parts on the back of a One Dollar bill, the Eagle and the Unfinished Pyramid. Cooper says: "In the Great Seal of the United States, we see the ancient symbol of the Brotherhood of the Snake ... which as you already know is the all-seeing eye in the pyramid representing Lucifer in the form of wisdom ... [In these two symbols, combined], there are:

13 leaves on the branches,13 bars and stripes, 13 arrows , 13 letters in 'E Pluribus Unum', 13 stars in the green crest, above, 13 stones, or layers, in the pyramid, 13 letters in 'Annuit Coeptis'

"Thirteen is the mystical number assigned to Satan, according to Stan Deyo in his excellent book entitled Cosmic Conspiracy." [Behold A Pale Horse, p. 93-94] Isn't it interesting that these two symbols contain seven [7] instances of '13', as the Number 7 is considered the perfect number in the occult.

Notice, also, that the All-Seeing Eye atop the unfinished pyramid represents the Brotherhood of the Snake, which we also know as the Illuminati. This brings us back to the Snake, the Serpents of Wisdom , according to which the United States and its Capitol, Washington, D.C., were established. Let us return back to Cisco Wheeler.

"From its earliest history, the symbol of the United States has been the Phoenix. The great United States was, and still is, the designated nation or place where the Phoenix, Bird of Freedom, will initially spread its wings over the whole world as it embraces the whole entire planet. Additionally, the great United States of America is to be the place that the United Atlantean/Lemurian Culture, will emerge; the great America has been the perennial melting pot, all polarities uniting as one as the androgynous flame of the new world of Venus will be kindled."

"When the Fifth Dimension world is here, the Serpent of Wisdom will once again populate the world as in the days of Noah and as they did in the early days of the motherlands. They will once again function within their immortal Dragon bodies and immutable physical shields, becoming the Nephalim of ancient days."

So, we now know that this New Atlantis, called the United States of America, was to establish the One World Government, Economy, and Religion of The Christ [Antichrist]. America was planned as far back as the early 1590's to fulfill this role. And, Washington, D.C., was deliberately planned to be the Capitol of this new kingdom dedicated to Serpent Power. Cisco then describes the pattern of these cities.

"A Dragon [Serpent] culture will flourish upon this planet as mankind regains the secret knowledge and technology as well as physical bodies that will have the Life Force of Serpent Power flowing within them. As in the past, new dwellings and all public buildings will be built in, or on, energy-conducive shapes, i.e., Pyramids, Spheres, Obelisks, and Domes. Like Washington, D.C., other cities will be tied into both the Planetary and Galactic Grids, in order to re-establish lines of communication with the Third and Fourth Dimensional Serpents."

The Capitol of the United States -- Washington, D.C. -- was built exactly according to these "energy-conducive shapes". Within the city, you see pyramids [triangles] galore, along with Spheres, the largest and most famous Obelisk in the world, the Washington Monument, and Domes on many of the buildings. Masonic planners fully intended to build a city that would "re-establish lines of communication with the Third and Fourth Dimensional Serpents!

In the mind of the occultist, Washington, D.C., literally was an open channel of Satanic power, emanating from the vortex of the earth on which she was built, and extending into the Third and Fourth Dimensions, calling forth Serpent Power upon this Capitol City, and the nation of which she is a part! Now, are you beginning to see a secret America which you did not know existed?

Cisco then tells us how this Serpent Power acts within such "energy-conducive" shaped buildings. "When a structure is in place, according to rule, the Serpent/Dragon that is living within each building takes on the form of a serpentine spiral of energy. An occult priest, a Master, can physically 'see' the spiraling, etheric body .... the Serpent has the ability to place special energy in these type structures as these megalithic forms become the physical home of the etheric serpent and its spiraling body . The Serpent will continually move left to right, up and down, inside and outside the structure. This makes the spirit more conductive; 'Phi' or the 'Golden Proportion', the numeric constant which determines the serpent spiral is incorporated into the dimensions of these structures, so the megaliths will fully harmonize with the movement of the Life Force."

"As the serpent Life Forces spirals down one branch off the conductive structure, its essence is transferred into a network of dragon lines which will go off in all four directions, following structured pattern lines. This energy must be harnessed as its dispersing Life Force must not be allowed to dissipate. This is the deepest reason the colonizing Serpents [demons] strategically place churches, temples, and buildings along Earth's etheric highway grid ... Other forms that can be used to house this Serpentine spiral energy are triangles, six-pointed stars, spirals, crosses, phallic symbols like obelisks, and stones. Collectively, these structures support self-sufficient Dragon Communities."

Now, you can get an idea as to why the government building to house our military might was built in the form of a Pentagon, that powerful 5-pointed symbol of Satan's power. The Pentagon was built to "support self-sufficient Dragon/Serpent Communities".

Further, in NEWS1399, we reported the fact that the entire shape of Government Center, also known as The Mall, was in the form of the Sephiroth Tree of Life! Thus, this Satanic depiction of a Serpent coiling around and through and upward in a Sephiroth Tree of Life is exactly what our Masonic Forefathers were aiming to accomplish in Government Center, Washington, D.C. These Masons knew exactly what they were intending to do, i.e., establish Washington, D.C. according to Serpent Power , so they could open a direct communication with the Third and Fourth Dimensional Serpents!

Further, the obelisk is the most important part of this entire pattern and structure. Thus, the Washington Monument is most important as a link between Earth and the upper dimensions, as Cisco explains:

"The obelisk is a very important energy conductive marker. An obelisk is taught to Masons as a symbol of the phallus, but the deepest level meaning is that it is really a 'frozen snake'. Obelisks support the Serpent Life Force as it spirals between Heaven and Earth. The shape of the Obelisk was inspired by huge generator crystals, Atlantean 'fire stone', the life force accumulators and amplifiers." Now you can understand the reason the Masons were so anxious to have the Washington Monument erected in the Government Center, as it is thought to literally "arc" the Serpent Life Force between Heaven and Earth, powerfully driving the government of the United States to be the most influential mover and shaker of the coming Kingdom of Antichrist, the New World Order.

Washington, D.C., was created to be the first such Dragon, or Serpent, City. Others are planned to follow, as soon as The Christ arises on the Earth Plane. Once Antichrist arises, and gains control over the entire earth, and "cleanses" the earth of all negative influences, then the Golden Age of Peace, Safety, and Prosperity can begin. At this point, many such Serpent Cities will be built, each on a vortex on the Planetary Grid.

If Washington, D.C., was truly built as a Serpent City reverberating with Luciferian power, then we should expect to see Serpent symbols incorporated in government buildings. Occultists love to communicate with each other, and over the passage of eras of time, through symbols.


"Since the facade (and hence the panel) is oriented on the west-east line, the morning sunlight falls upon the figures fairly evenly, picking them out dramatically, as the relief is highlighted above the shadows. However, the panel has been inset in such a way that, until the whole relief is lighted, a shadow remains over the stick in the hand of the nude figure to the extreme right. As the Sun moves higher up the skies, the hand of the man is eventually picked out. the sunlight then slides slowly down the stick in his hand until the bottom symbol is revealed by its rays. This last penetration of light reveals the intent of the symbolism -- a serpent, coiled in the bottom-right corner." [David Ovason, The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capitol , p. 292].

Washington, D.C., is a serpent city, founded according to Serpent Power. Her streets were planned to radiate outward from the Capitol and the White House in a manner last seen in Babylon itself [Ovason, P. 41], and according to the stars! As the current Masonic Supreme Commander, C. Fred Kleinknecht, stated, "Washington, D.C., is a city of the stars ...with over 30 zodiacs in the city ... marrying the Capital City with the stars."

Systematically, every key government building built from the late 1700's through the middle the administration of Franklin Roosevelt was consecrated in a Masonic cornerstone laying ceremony, utilizing pagan symbols and pagan doctrine, and carried out in accordance with a horoscope cast to determine the most propitious day and time of day to carry out the dedication ceremony.

Ovason then tells us plainly that the Capitol was intended to be established according to occult spirituality. "... not only were efforts being made to ensure that the new federal city was consecrated to the heavens, by way of a satisfactory foundation [horoscope] chart, but that preparations had been made for the future spiritual life of the new city, in the form of a Masonic Lodge ." [Emphasis added]

Ovason has just confirmed our article of NEWS1399, where we showed that The Mall, Government Center, in Washington, D.C. was in the form of a Sephiroth Tree of Life. Further, we reported that the Masonic coffin is in this Tree of Life pattern, and now we learn that the inside of the Lodge is also in the shape of the Sephiroth Tree of Life. This devastating understanding should forever lay to rest any and all arguments whether Freemasonry is "Christian" or not! If they shaped their Lodges in the form of the Sephiroth Tree of Life, they are Satanic and not Christian.

What is the Sephiroth Tree of Life? Quoting from Mackey's Masonic Encyclopedia [pages 166-168], we discover that the Sephiroth depicts the occult concept of the creation of this world, as well as other worlds they believe exist. We quote Mackey's Encyclopedia at length in NEWS1399, and encourage you to read it thoroughly.

At one point, Ovason states, that "... we might be tempted to imagine that the federal city was little more than as center of Masonry ... [but] this would be no more true for Washington, D.C., than for any other major town or city connected with the original 13 states ... The very struggle for independence seems to have been directed by the Masonic brotherhood, and some historians insist, had even been started by them." [P. 75]

This news is hot indeed! The Masonic Brotherhood started the Revolutionary War! Were they simply carrying out the plan originally conceived by Sir Francis Bacon and Queen Elizabeth I in the early 1590's, to create in North America a nation that would become the new occult Atlantis, that would lead all nations into the Kingdom of The Christ, his New World Order? If we accept Ovason's statement that American Masons started the Revolutionary War, we can then understand the importance of the historic date of the first battle that started the war for independence. Historians will tell you that the Battle of Lexington-Concord started this war; it occurred on April 19, 1775. Every year, April 19 begins the 13-day Satanic high holy period known as the Bloody Sacrifice To The Beast ! [Read NEWS1347 for full details]

Thus, it is critically important that Ovason tells us that "the city of Washington, D.C., should become the nerve center of the body politic of the United States ..." [P. 163]

In other words, as Washington, D.C., goes, so goes the rest of the nation!


What are we to conclude given all this information? We can only conclude that the spiritual warfare in the heavenlies as God revealed in Daniel, Chapter 10, must have been raging hot and heavy during the late 1700's. God's holy angels must have battled Satan's demonic host for the very soul of the fledgling United States of America.

Through the mighty Christian revival known as The Great Awakening [1740-1790], God produced a citizenry that contained a higher proportion of Born Again Christians amongst the general population than we shall ever see again. But, Satan was able to put into place the "mighty men" of political, military, and economic genius as the leaders of this new nation. Working secretly so as to not offend and arouse a largely Christian populace, these Masonic leaders created a society based upon pagan, occult concepts, waiting for the day in which the population would be sufficiently pagan that these images and plans built in secret could be brought to the light of day.

Chief among these hidden symbols was the Unfinished Pyramid on the back of our One Dollar Bill. This Luciferian symbol was created in 1782 in secret session, and withheld publicly until 1935, when Masonic President Franklin Roosevelt felt that the population was now ready for it. [America's Secret Destiny: Spiritual Vision and the Founding of a Nation , by Robert Hieronimus, Ph.D., p. 2-3; NOTE: This book is New Age]

Similarly, the American Eagle was originally the Egyptian Phoenix Bird. However, key Masonic leaders at the time felt the American people would recognize the Phoenix Bird as deeply Satanic, so they switched to the American Eagle.

Now, is America ready to fully move the rest of the nations of the world into the Kingdom of Antichrist, the New World Order? Events seem to suggest that such is the case. America was instrumental in bringing Israel back to her land in 1948, thus fulfilling much Old and New Testament prophecy; America led the charge to reorganize the world into 10 Super Economic Nations, with NAFTA as Nation #1. According to the sequence revealed in Daniel 7:7-8, the next event on God's prophetic calendar will be the appearance of Antichrist!

The latent paganism so very apparent to the informed observer, is now taking full control over this country. The vast majority of the American people now have no love for Jesus Christ, but are fully enmeshed in a love of this world, with all its passions and sins. Now, you know that America was dedicated to the Egyptian Star Sirius, which is Satan. Now, you know that our Capitol, Washington, D.C., was founded according to the Serpents of Power .

Our doom at the hands of a Judging God has never seemed closer. [Read CE1038, Economic Babylon Of Revelation 18 May Be The United States]

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.wire

Feb 09, 2010 10:40PM

Cisco asked a group of ladies if they would comment on her book Behold A White Horse. My name is Julie, after we met at her home today after talking about her book. I have so many questions. I keep asking myself why I was so blinded from so many truths she has written about.I feel like I’ve lived on a different planet. Yes, I knew something was wrong in this world. But I stayed so busy with family and work I never took the time to go out of my box of denial. Maybe I thought it would all go away and I would live to be a grandma and the problems the world has would never touch me. Well the rug has been pulled out from under me and I want to know truth.
As I write I feel guilty that I have not prepared my family for what is happening in America. Just the thought that America might loose it’s sovereignty is very hard to grasp when you have been in denial all your life. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights will be gone. The America we once thought we new will be gone. And so many people like me will have no idea what is happening when America is on her knees. Please take the time to read Cisco Wheeler book “Behold A White Horse” and prepare those you love for what is happening in America. Thank You Julie
February 17, 2010 5:14 PM
by Conradosalas
Feb 09, 2010 02:59AM

Cisco's book is refreshing, it cleanses the soul like white snow. Whether you are a Christian or not, it is more than highly recommended to understand the End Times situation in which we live today, and the ferocious conflict going on, on this plane and others, for one thing and one thing only: YOUR SOUL.

.- Conrado Salas Cano, M.S. in Physics
Feb 09, 2010 02:03PM

My name is Rita I have read Behold A White Horse by Cisco Wheeler This is the best book I have ever read on on uncovering the secrets Teaching of the Masonic Lodges. Cisco understanding of the occult world leads her reader behind closed doors into a world of secrets that have been hidden from the general population. This world is field with mysteries, philosophies and symbols used in witchcraft. She gives you as a reader a deeper insight into the world of paganism and the occult world.
  Her insight has led me upon a new path where I can began to see what is happening around me. I don't understand it all but my blinders have been lifted off my eyes and now I can see the apostasy in the churches and I understand the forces behind any mass performed in the Catholic Church or within any secret group that takes an oath to bring in the Anti-Christ. I give her book Behold A White Horse a 5 star. Rita

Cisco Wheeler: Behold A White Horse
  • RELIGION - Christian Living
Title: Behold A White Horse

Your Price: $25.99

Contributor(s): Wheeler, Cisco (Author)
Subject(s): Religion : Christian Life - General
Publisher: XULON PRESS Imprint: Xulon Press Publish Date: 17-Jun-2009 ISBN: 978-1-60791-355-9 Description: 1-866-381-2665 XULON PRESS
"My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge" (Hosea 4:6). This book is not meant for those who refuse to step out of their box, but instead cling onto their blinders, believing that the world is exactly as they have always been taught it is.
  Rather, it is specially written for those who discern that things are not exactly as they seem, and are dedicated to the pursuit of truth and knowledge. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places"(Ephesians 6:12).
 "Behold a White Horse" is a roller coaster ride engaged in a myriad of related topics. The reader will be taken all the way back to ancient Babylon - the foundation of all secret societies, and continue on through Egypt and Rome. Other topics covered are ceremonial magick, kundalini power and evil spirits, the Talmud, Kabbalah, the apostasy of the Christian church today, alchemy, Papal Rome and the Catholic church, false

Cisco Wheeler

* * *

"The Strange Death of Adolph Hitler" · 18 May 10

April 30, 2010
By Henry Makow Ph.D.

This is the title of a curious book published in 1939 that claims Hitler was poisoned and died shortly before the Munich Conference in March 1938. The book is written by the "double" who replaced him, a lookalike translator named Max Bauer.

The premise is absurd! Hitler's double writes a book: "Help! I'm being held hostage playing a dead dictator." They would have killed him at once.

I don't believe that an impersonator could have played Hitler.  I can't imagine an actor facing down Hitler's generals or captivating a nation with his speeches. Or spending endless hours regurgitating his philosophies and experiences to his inner circle. I can't imagine the secret being kept.
Nonetheless, we should be aware of this curiosity of a book. It has been reprinted recently. In spite of its realistic portrayal of the Nazi era and some major players, it has received virtually no attention.

I think of history as theater, so I admit I found this book intriguing. I am always on the lookout for the hand of Illuminati. Didn't find much evidence of that here, but there were other rewards.


Max Bauer claims he was mistaken for Hitler and arrested in 1933, just before Hitler became Chancellor.  The Nazis soon recognized his value as a doppelganger and gave him full access to the Fuhrer, better to substitute for him.

The book provides an excellent description of the events leading up to the purge of SA Chief Ernst Roehm, and the "Night of the Long Knives" itself. The SA consisted of almost two million men. They had helped Hitler attain power and they demanded a role in Hitler's Germany. They also demanded a "second revolution," the social reforms Hitler had promised them.

However, by this time, Hitler was in the pockets of the Junkers and industrialists., the "reacktion." The army saw the SA as a threat and didn't want anything to do with Roehm. Bauer recounts many arguments between Roehm and Hitler, who evidently had been lovers. He describes how Goebbels pretended to support Roehm in order to make him act more rashly.

Finally the "reaktion" resolved to eliminate Roehm and his allies. Bauer accompanied Hitler to the summer resort where Roehm and his lieutenants were apprehended in homosexual embrace. Bauer claims he shot Roehm himself, on Hitler's orders, through the door bars of his cell. Roehm was incredulous that Hitler would betray him.

Bauer says more than 900 people were killed in this purge, not the 77 reported. Former Chancellor Von Schleicher  and his wife were gunned down by the SS in their home for conspiring against the regime.

Bauer claims there were many attempts on Hitler's life, and that he once took a bullet for him. The supposedly successful attempt involved poisoning Hitler's  omelet with an "organic poison" which had no antidote. It was provided by a Jewish chemist who had returned from exile in Peru. Hitler died with words "Gelli" and "Mutte" (niece and mother) on his lips.

Curiously, the poisoners melded in with the core group of Nazis running the "double." They were not really opposed to Nazi aims. Perhaps they just needed a more amenable actor.


A fascinating subplot involves Bauer's love affair with Ulrica, the beautiful young wife of an important Nazi diplomat named Erik Von Arnheim. She bore Bauer two sons. Bauer is quite candid about how he betrayed her love and used her.

She had been named "Miss Germania" the symbol of German woman and motherhood. This is an example of Joseph Goebbel's propaganda and the cynical reality behind it.

As Minister of Propaganda, Goebbels controlled all artistic expression in Nazi Germany. As such, the little clubfoot sexually exploited every actress and singer. When he demanded sex from Ulrica's sister, Herta Fuchs, also a singer, her husband threatened to expose him.

Goebbels had the young man put in a concentration camp. He made a bargain with Herta. Sex or your husband will be tortured. She acceded. He didn't keep his word.

When Von Arnheim expressed disgust, Bauer decided to report him secretly, so he could have Ulrica to himself. Von Arnheim was incarcerated. But Goebbels turned the tables on Bauer.  Goebbels would reveal Bauer's love affair to Hitler unless Bauer convinced "Miss Germania" to service him.

She did it out of misguided love for Bauer; then she committed suicide.

Bauer, a pig, only lamented the loss of the sex.

Hitler needed Von Arnheim for diplomatic missions. He was rehabilitated but later was instrumental in poisoning Hitler.


Bauer claimed he was abused by the Nazi inner circle that managed him, and often contemplated suicide.
He claimed he wrote the book so that his true identity would not be lost to posterity. The publisher, the now defunct "Macaulay Company," claimed they checked his facts and were satisfied.

I don't accept the main premise of this book. But its portrayals of Hitler and Nazi Germany are captivating. "The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler" deserves to be better known. 


* * *

The Professional Paranoid --Book review by Jaye C. Beldo · 27 January 10

January 26, 2010
Feral House, known for their usually ozone perforating titles such as The Octopus and Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A., have come up with something a bit more down to earth for us, The Professional Paranoid by H. Michael Sweeney. This practical manual thoroughly describes proven techniques on how to safely deal with potential snoops ranging from stalkers, corporate bullies, the IRS, private dicks to CIA spooks and spookettes. How to know when your being trailed, when your mail is being tampered with and if your phone is being tapped can be found in this intriguing and important survival guide. Women will find much useful information on how to avoid date rape and other forms of assault included in this very street smart book.
Reading The Professional Paranoid has awakened this reviewer to some ultimately sobering facts:
1. FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) as enacted in 1978 and later expanded by Klinton under Executive Order #12949 as a response to the World Trade and Oklahoma City bombings, pretty much annihilates our rights to privacy, protection from unreasonable search and seizure, and a right to a fair hearing. 'Seven men can meet in a secret court, with no public record kept, to decide that, because of who you may have associated with (even accidentally or coincidentally)'
2. The NSA, the largest intelligence agency in the U.S. can pretty much intercept any phone call you make, e-mail you send or receive through technology that they themselves have developed, yet are somehow mysteriously immune to the surveillance laws that the rest of us are subject to.
3. FEMA has established a 'Financial Crimes Enforcement Network' of 'supercomputers designed to track every financial transaction of every citizen' Imagine the implications if they hook up with those literal outlaws at the IRS.
4. PROMIS is a software program that enables the CIA and other federal agencies to track you online. "If you call a police department or federal agency and they enter your name into a computer, the CIA knows about it. They can even alter the information. Who knows, you might suddenly be listed as 'armed and dangerous'."
Most impressive in this work is the abundance of information found in the appendix which spells out the staggering number of CIA and other survelliance fronts at large, ranging from the AAI Corporation to Mitre to Zenith Technical Enterprises. Also in the appendix is detailed technical information on bugs and other forms of surveillance technology often employed by the snoops at large. Updated information on the telecommunications and computer industry's collusion with the NSA to make their technology more surveillance friendly is also included such as clipper chips which enable 'secret electronic entrance into digital information systems' and the like. I found the information on pertinent web sites dedicated to exposing Big Brother also highly useful as well .
I commend Mr. Sweeney for his courage as well as impressive thoroughness of the research he put into the making of The Professional Paranoid . Anyone who scoffs at the suggestion that surveillance isn't the problem its made out to be in the world of conspiracy should read and re-read this book for a much needed change of mind.
Check out and www. for more info, if you dare.
Jaye C. Beldo is a writer, spiritual anarchist and intuitive counselor. He has been published in Dream Network, FATE, Green Egg, the Konformist, Viewzone, New Vision. He can be reached at:
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PROPARANOID? What does it mean?
1) paranoid ~ a medical term applied to someone who mistakenly fears being persecuted by others... followed, spied upon, stalked, threatened, etc.
2) opposite of paranoid ~ sorry, there is no medical term in the English language for someone properly reacting to ACTUAL persecution. Some say 'cautious' is the word, but ONLY the victim seems to use that word, usually in self defense against suggestions of being paranoid. Why? Our civilization, certainly as exemplified by professionals within law enforcement, the courts, and medical institutions, simply does not want to believe in conspiracy or bogeymen. If you ask for help, you are simply dismissed as being paranoid, even if you have proof to the contrary - they don't want to hear it, and the victim is victimized a second time in a whole new way. 
On the other hand... METANOIA is an illness defined as 'the belief that everyone is good/benign and the world/universe only wants to help you' regardless of the reality. This is the TRUE opposite of paranoia but represents an inverse illness. Excuse me for saying it, but this would seem to be the state of mind of all law enforcement, media, and medical professionals who, by failing to consider that not every bump in the night is imagined and instead prefering to believe there is no such thing as a conspiracy or boogyman, are deluding themselves; thus by their behavior, it is THEY who are mentally ill!
3) proparanoid ~ someone who wishes to aid and support those accused of being paranoid, especially when help has been denied elsewhere; a concatenation of 'professional paranoid' - see next. See also HOW TO GET HELP
4) Professional Paranoid ~  title of a how-to book on personal safety and privacy by H. Michael Sweeney ~ The Professional Paranoid: How to Fight Back When Investigated, Stalked, Harassed, or Targeted by Any Agency, Organization, or Individual. Now available in Third Edition as e-book ($12)
5) Professional Paranoid NEWSLETTER  ~  four issues each year (12-24 pages with color) packed with news and tips, and revelations of conspiratorial corruption in high places. Learn more - get a FREE Sample!
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  Hyperdimensional Characteristics – Aliens are sophisticated nonhuman entities.

Technological superiority is their least important advantage; what matters more is their dimensional superiority. Their native state of existence transcends the limitations of space-time. whereas our existence is constrained by linear time, aliens can see and manipulate our past, present, and future possibilities simultaneously from a position outside linear time. They can also temporarily project themselves into our universe, taking physical form according to what archetypes in our collective unconscious best approximate their higher dimensional essence. The assumption that aliens are three-dimensional beings like us who have flown here in mechanically constructed spaceships from planets far away covers only a small subset of the entire alien presence, and it is severely insular to examine only the hardest physical evidence of the alien phenomenon in the name of science. The alien presence is mostly hyper dimensional and therefore nebulous because its true nature far exceeds the boundaries of popular assumption.

Positive vs. Impostor Aliens 

Whether aliens are benevolent or hostile depends on whether they foster an expansion in our freewill and awareness or if they seek to undermine these. It is not enough to judge alien intentions according to transient social, political, religious, or scientific standards. Covertly hostile aliens could easily pander to our insecurities and wishful thinking by offering stunning scientific knowledge, religious answers, political unity, and the promise of global peace and prosperity in exchange for our unquestioning obedience. Thorough investigation of the alien presence reveals that preparations for just such a scenario are currently underway. In times of desperation, people tend to sacrifice liberty for security. Should mankind accept such a Faustian bargain the end result would be complete assimilation and enslavement. To prevent this possibility, we must ask the most important question of all: how can one distinguish between positive aliens and cunning impostors? Mankind has everything to gain in exercising its discernment this way, and doubt is cast on the sincerity and wisdom of anyone who persistently refuses to explore the full depth of this question.

False Dichotomies – Offering two false choices is the surest way of manipulating someone into making a bad decision.

We must be on guard for false dichotomies, opposites that only appear to be so on the surface. Alien impostors have used this method of subterfuge to hide their real agenda and shape public opinion. Examples: aliens vs. paranoid military cabal, nordics / grays vs. violent reptilians, or good reptilians vs. renegade negative reptilians. If the truth were that grays, certain nordics, human military factions, and reptilians were actually unified participants in the negative alien agenda, the motivation for these false dichotomies makes perfect sense. Should mankind falsely perceive some of these elements as “good guys” due to their seeming opposition to obvious “bad guys”, then the deception succeeds. Therefore we must thoroughly examine the basis of any claimed oppositions.

Mind Programming

 Alien abductions are more common than assumed because their primary purpose and procedure is generally too subtle for abductees and researchers to notice, while the less prevalent but more tangible functions get the attention. Abduction literature often mentions medical testing and genetic experimentation, but not the bigger purpose of widespread behavioral modification through implantation and posthypnotic programming. This involves temporarily extracting a person from the physical plane and programming his subconscious with commands that later bias his choices toward those beneficial to the negative alien agenda. An abductee may go to sleep one night full of enthusiasm for a fruitful endeavor only to get abducted and over the following days acquire an irrational aversion to pursuing it further. Unless they are aware of their own irrational impulses and listen to reason and intuition, people can be programmed to sabotage themselves or others, to follow unwise paths in life, enter into artificially arranged relationships, or turn off suddenly to promising business or social relations.

Hybridization vs Epigenetics

The alien hybridization project is justified on the grounds that by combining our physical hardiness and emotional flexibility with the intelligence and psychic prowess of alien grays, we can ensure a better future for both our species. It is said that only through hybridization can mankind advance to its next evolutionary phase. But this is among the greatest deceptions of all. The emerging field of epigenetics strongly suggests that changes in our consciousness, in our beliefs and awareness and perceptions, cause corresponding changes in our personal DNA. This means that a great spiritual leap in mankind will automatically create a great genetic leap through an entirely natural process. Why, then, are grays so desperate in artificially merging our two species? The best hypothesis is that hybridization actually hijacks what should be a natural progression and further locks the human soul matrix into an even more adulterated gene pool, as has been done before. Greater intelligence and psychic power does not necessarily mean we become more empathetic, discerning, or connected to our higher spiritual guidance, it simply means we become more capable tools, especially if hybridization comes at the price of individuality.

Layered Screen Memories


Screen memories are false memories given by abductors to cover-up anything that could not be entirely erased from recollection. These are well known in abduction research, but not so well known is that screen memories come in multiple layers. For instance, one might falsely remember a deer staring through the bedroom window when in reality it was an alien during the onset of an abduction. With the aid of hypnosis the abductee may penetrate this screen, but the abduction account that follows may itself also be a screen designed to cover-up what really went on during the abduction. What in reality may have been a torturous programming session and the harvesting of lifeforce through inflicted suffering can, through a secondary screen memory, be remembered as a wonderful experience. But hypnotists do not typically probe farther than the primary screen memory because they are unaware how deep the deception goes, thus they become unwitting accomplices in the propagation of disinformation.

Human Abductors

Aliens are not the only abductors; human factions are also involved. Abductees have independently reported seeing alien and human personnel working side by side in underground military bases. The line between alien and human abductors is blurred due to technological and genetic fusion between the two over recent decades, especially after the human element lost its autonomy to the superior alien element. The purpose all along was to acquire control over the vast resources and manpower of the black-ops military infrastructure. Abductions by these groups involve not only further hybridization projects and mind programming, but also the utilization of abductees as psychic assassins, remote viewers, and programmed sleeper agents. It is doubtful that any positive aliens are working in collaboration with human military groups considering their truly opposite philosophies. One need only examine the full spectrum of abduction research and published experiences to recognize this.

Objective Standards of Positivity

Without spiritual awareness one easily succumbs to moral relativism. Identifying “positive” aliens would then appear to be futile exercises in projecting our subjective human standards upon nonhuman life forms. But we must remember that while social morals are indeed subjective, there is an objective spiritual core within us that, via its capacity for empathy and longing for freedom and happiness, knows universal rights from universal wrongs. The virtues of compassion, humility, service, wisdom, strength, discretion, and courage are not limited to the human domain, for they are truly universal. Positive aliens are those who have transcended the vices and limitations that still challenge us, who have attained the heights of spiritual chivalry and serve Creation in the name of freedom, truth, and love. They value spirituality over physicality, respect the freewill of others, and subtly guide us toward fulfilling our spiritual potential without smothering us into becoming dependent on such guidance.

Temporal Feedback Loops

Because aliens can operate outside linear time, those originating from our perceived future can also observe and interact with our past and present selves. By accessing and manipulating the past, continual timeline revisions arise of which we only remember the most recent version as the true history. Our present choices also initiate a forward cascade of effects that alter the future and thus limit or expand what future insertion points aliens have available. Thus a dynamic feedback loop exists between ourselves and hyper-dimensional entities. Negative aliens from our perceived future can reinforce their own existence and supremacy by altering critical moments in history and biasing our present choices to create those probable futures where they have greater power. Positive aliens concerned about such tampering would engage in a timewar to counter these interferences. We would perceive this timewar as highly improbable setbacks being countered by equally improbable miracles and vice versa, or perhaps a strong impulse to make bad decisions competing with an inner intuition to make the right choices. Fear, paranoia, gullibility, reactivity, and passivity reinforce our feedback loop with negative aliens and increase their tangibility in our lives. Yet the more we heed spiritual impulses and live by what is noble and true, the more we rise into kinship with positive forces. The fulcrum of this timewar rests within us.

Montalk has a fabulous new book for sale...a MUST PRIMER!



 Fringe knowledge for beginners



Here is a lucid primer on metaphysics, cosmology, human origins, alien agendas, the matrix control system, and how to spiritually empower ourselves. Montalk presents this timely book for anyone desiring an easy-to-understand, balanced, and concise overview of the “bigger picture.” Fringe Knowledge for Beginners is filled with practical wisdom to assist budding truth-seekers on their path of awakening.


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Copyright WGA 2002

July 16, 2002 a blue, sphere-shaped UFO lands briefly on the Capitol Building roof lower right of dome then takes to the air.

These images were captured approximately 30 seconds apart.

The time codes on the above images are approximations. (please scroll down)





As I write this article in June of 2005, the official American policy of plausible deniability, distraction and public dissuasion regarding UFOs is now more than 50 years old. This policy is currently supported by nearly all politicians, Pentagon officials and members of the media regardless of their political or religious affiliation. The policy began to emerge in 1942, due to increasing numbers of UFO military encounters during World War II. However, the current policy didn’t achieve its mandate until the year 1952 as dramatically growing numbers of UFO sightings worldwide were viewed by a range of responsible American leaders as the beginning of a possible alien invasion.

In 1952, during the month of July, many of the of the world’s newspapers reported that dozens of strange, spherical, glowing, unidentified aircraft were sighted by hundreds of eyewitnesses above the nation’s Capitol. These objects had registered on radar as they flew over Washington, D.C., and F-94 jets were scrambled to intercept, but they were easily out maneuvered by the UFOs. The UFOs reportedly were loitering in the area for many hours through the night on at least two occasions and were able to mysteriously appear and disappear at will.

There were very few photographic images taken of those events, but they are impressive. And yet, when those strange glowing unidentified aircraft returned again exactly 50 years later in July of 2002 only a few media sources reported a brief, failed UFO intercept that F-16’s had experienced. Most Americans had no idea that this was just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact the events that occurred during 2002 were even more enigmatic than those of 1952 because of the incredibly clear, high resolution nighttime photographs that were taken. Color images captured on high speed film by a professional photographer show conclusively that during the month of July 2002, on the 4th and the 16th, there were a number of UFOs flying over the restricted air space of the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument. And as incredible as it sounds, they provide evidence that on July 16, UFOs encircled and landed on the Capitol Building roof and the surrounding park area late that night!

Here’s what happened. On July 16, at approximately 12:30 a.m., a professional Washington, D.C. Photographer was shooting an album cover for a Recording Artist using the reflecting pool and Capitol Building as a background. Based on the two images that were taken and the testimony of the D.C. Photographer, there were no other people seen on the Capitol Building grounds at that time. However, what is clear from these two images is that there were at least five UFOs that penetrated restricted air space in that location. At least two of these vehicles actually landed for a brief period. As that was occurring, one of the other UFOs entered the reflection pool and submerged while yet another UFO hovered nearby over the water emitting an eerie looking energy field that reflected light beneath it. All of the Photographer’s images were captured with a Nikon F-5 camera equipped with a very expensive, distortion free, AF-ED 600 mm F 2.8 lens mounted on a tripod. The exposure time was one-fifteenth of a second on high speed film – ISO 1600. The ISO meter on the camera was set at 1200 to slightly overexpose the film and increase the overall density of the image.

After taking the two pictures in front of the Capitol Building, the D.C. Photographer then moved to a different location on the edge of the Capitol Building’s Lower Senate Park. He estimates that 20 minutes elapsed before taking the next and final shot of the evening. That image’s exposure time was 3 ½ minutes. Hovering in the sky, just above a commercial building, there are a number of UFOs — some are grouped in a triangular formation. Near the ground there are two UFOs in the distance. However, floating in the air in front of the D.C. Photographer, there are two oval shaped, semi-transparent spheres of energy that he believes were UFOs equipped with some type of advanced optical stealth device. The amount of alien activity that took place that night was mind-boggling.

The large formation of UFOs parked above the building emitted a strange energy. The highly complex signature of their energy fields was clearly captured on the film due to the long exposure time and their close proximity to the camera. Just prior to leaving the area, the UFOs generated a “wormhole” in space. Unfortunately, this incredible image came at a price. The D.C. Photographer’s fingers were burned by radiation and took about a year to heal.

During one of our conversations he explained that,

“I was positioned underneath these objects. And according to my images they warped out or whatever they did, and went back to wherever they came from in the time of that exposure. At that point there is an image that shows a center set of UFO formations in lateral and upward motions. I felt that I was caught in the thrust of something … like I was hit by a mist, but there wasn’t any moisture. Soon after that I noticed I had very fine, pinhole-sized burns in my fingernails … and my arms felt like they were charged with some kind of energy.”

Just ten days later, on July 26, 2002, FOX News correspondent, Shepard Smith, reported that,

“The nighttime skies over the nation’s capitol came alive with blue and orange lights streaking across the sky, so say a lot of panicked people who called in to a radio station, no joke here. American fighter jets in hot pursuit ... NORAD confirmed to FOX News that two F-16s did scramble, but found nothing! A mystery in the sky above Andrews Air Force Base ... that’s the one the president uses.”

Fox D.C. correspondent, Brian Wilson, continued the story,

“It’s fair to say, Shepard that there are a lot more questions than answers at this point, but something strange was going on in the Maryland night sky. Here is what we know; at 1:00 a.m. the folks at NORAD saw something they couldn’t identify in Maryland airspace, not far from the nation’s capitol [restricted airspace]. The track it was taking caused them some concern so they scrambled two D.C. Air National Guard jets to check things out. Now, D.C. Air National Guard confirms that two F-16s from the 113th Wing were vectored to intercept whatever it was that NORAD was worried about.


“However, when the pilots got where they were supposed to be, they said they didn’t see anything when they arrived on the scene. NORAD would not provide details about the exact location, direction or speed of the object they were tracking. Independently, a number of folks who live in Waldorf, Maryland, which is not far from Andrews Air Force Base and not far from the nation’s capitol, called local radio station WTOP to say that about the same time, they witnessed a fast moving, bright blue light in the sky. They claimed that the light was being chased by military jets. One witness told the radio station that the jets were right on its tail, ‘As the thing would move, a jet was right behind it.’

“An investigation is underway. But National Guard spokesman, Captain Sheldon Smith said, ‘We don’t have any information about funny lights.’ By the way, this just happens to be the 50th anniversary of a series of still-unexplained sightings over the nation’s capitol, a story that made banner-headline news in 1952. Shepard, we’ll continue to watch for this.”

Meanwhile, that same night, a father and son in Arlington, Virginia, had gone outside to get their cat off a ledge outside a second floor window around 1:15 a.m. They were both looking up at the side of the house wondering how to get their cat down, when two circular white lights flew over their house. They estimated the UFOs were about the size of a baseball held at arm’s length. The UFOs were visible for about two minutes before moving off, but soon came back again. This time both UFOs stopped close by, and that’s when the father and son realized the spheres were small. Both UFOs stopped for a second, and then one of the objects flew away at a right angle to its previous path of flight. The other object remained motionless for about five seconds before continuing on pretty much its original direction. These were two separate objects flying in tandem at first, and then separately. They were clearly under intelligent control.

Four months later, on November 11, 2002, the D.C. Photographer captured another amazing nighttime photograph of a small UFO. This object was a metallic sphere about the size of a golf ball that silently defied gravity. It literally floated over the head of a beautiful blonde model before swiftly moving off.

One year later, in November of 2003, FOX News reported that Air Force fighter jets were once again scrambled and that the White House was briefly evacuated on the 20th after “birds” or possibly “disturbances in the atmosphere” tripped radar that keeps watch on restricted airspace around the complex.

According to FOX News, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman, William Shumann, said,

“It’s a false radar target. When the NORAD fighters got to the location of the alleged violation, they found nothing.”

The North American Aerospace Defense is the command center for the defense of U.S. and Canadian airspace. Shumann explained how,

“Flocks of birds or atmospheric disturbances might have caused the false radar reading, which was initially thought to be a plane flying within five miles of restricted airspace around the White House. It’s one of those electronic gremlins that pop-up, but there was no aircraft there.”

So, should we just forget what happened in 1952 and again in 2002 and 2003? Those events are behind us now and no one was seriously injured, right? But, what if I told you that “a swarm” of UFOs passed over our nation’s Capitol as recently as Monday, May 2, 2005, at 8:45 p.m. eastern-time? According to an eyewitness, a fleet of UFOs once again passed through restricted airspace undeterred.

Below is the amazing account that was sent to me by a friend of the D.C. Photographer. I spoke with him on the phone 24-hours after the event and he was still in shock by what he had observed. This man, who I will call the “graduate student,” is highly intelligent and very credible. He is working on his Ph.D. in anthropology at a Catholic university.

He wrote,

“I was in my bathroom of my apartment on U Street, NW D.C. looking out the window when I saw a helicopter with its searchlight on as it cruised at about 400 feet elevation moving west to east over the S street, NW area. This is a normal thing to see in my hood. I just paid attention because it had the searchlight on, which is generally only used when they are looking for bad guys on the ground.

“However, the searchlight of the helicopter went directly over what appeared to be a very large swarm of bees. I thought this was very strange, not only to see such a swarm at that altitude, but also that these objects must have been a lot larger than bees to see them that distinctly from about 1/8 mile away and approximately 400 feet up!

“The helicopter continued on its way as if it did not see anything. Nor did it fix its light onto the strange swarm. So I began looking more closely at this swarm which was cloud-like, but seemed to have the distinct shape of a very large triangle. It was the size of a football field and was much larger than any aircraft. The wind was blowing west to east at about 10 mph (the weather page said it was NW 10 mph that night). Either way, the wind was not blowing westerly — which makes my next point even stranger. The clouds in the sky were either standing still or moving toward the east.

“This group of objects started to cruise south towards the National Mall. At this point I yelled for my wife to come to the bathroom. ‘Get in here now! You have to see this weird thing in the sky!’ I pointed it out to her and she watched with me as we tracked it moving east to west over The Mall, over the Washington Monument, toward the Lincoln Memorial, and off toward the Pentagon area. Now, mind you, this is exactly the route the airplanes use to enter D.C. airspace to land at Washington National Airport.

“One problem though, the planes must approach from west to east — the exact opposite of what this thing was doing. And this thing was about 15 times or more the size of a 747… easily! It also emitted what appeared to be a faint light — which could have been city light reflecting off of it, but it did seem to be generating this very faint light almost like it was shimmering or some weird phasing of light, like when you are seeing a heat mirage off of hot asphalt. Then, it simply faded off into the distance and out of our view.

“Again, it was huge, appeared to have a triangular shape (though the mirage-like shimmering somewhat distorted this), had a possible illumination effect, and was moving against the wind at a good speed. It must’ve been moving pretty fast since it covered ground from Logan Circle area to the Capitol Building area, across The Mall toward the Lincoln Memorial and then off to the Pentagon area all within a matter of minutes. Yes, the F-16s can do that even quicker I know, but this was not moving at 10 mph as the wind would suggest if it were a cloud, nor was it moving in the same direction of the other clouds! OK, so you tell me what the hell this was?”

Historically, the official answers to this question have been:

A. Temperature Inversion Layers
B. Weather Balloons
C. Ball Lightning
D. Swamp Gas
E. Gremlins
F. Meteors
G. Birds
H. Stars

Now compare the May 2 event to what occurred just nine days later. The FAA revoked the pilot’s license of a Pennsylvania man who flew his two-seater Cessna into Washington, D.C.’s restricted airspace on May 11, 2005, causing a highly emotional evacuation of the White House and Capitol Building mid-afternoon. Just how serious was this event? NORAD sent two F-16s and a Black Hawk helicopter to intercept one Cessna.

The FAA said the flight instructor had his license revoked and must wait at least a year to apply for a new one and start over with flight school lessons. Because the instructor was the only licensed pilot in the aircraft, he was responsible for the restricted airspace violation. According to FAA spokesman, Greg Martin,

“It’s an extraordinary action that reflects how seriously we view violations within restricted airspace.”

The big question regarding this ongoing alien incursion of restricted airspace is at what point does a UFO, or swarm of UFOs, represent a threat to national security? Cleary a two-seater Cessna aircraft is considered a threat to national security; why not a UFO? Perhaps it is because UFOs have not taken any overt hostile action toward us … yet? But by the mid 1950s, after studying the matter for years, the U.S. government concluded that the public’s potential to panic due to waves of UFO sightings was the only clear and present danger to national security. And thus the official denial, distraction and dissuasion regarding this matter began.

Do our current leaders in Washington, D.C. know about this issue? Clearly, part of their job is to know what’s going on and most are briefed daily from a variety of sources. One such source is the D.C. Photographer who has lived and worked in Washington, D.C. for many years. He is an intelligent, patriotic American who felt it was his duty to report what had happened to the proper authorities. That’s why he went to the Capitol Building a few days after the evening of July 16 and met with members of the detective division of the Capitol Police. He patiently showed them the UFO images he had taken on July 4 and 16 and explained the night’s events.


After some careful consideration, he was told that “no crime took place” therefore the detectives would not make a report. Undeterred he next sent a copy of his photographs and a detailed report to the Office of the President, but there was no reply. He then contacted officials at the Pentagon. Not surprisingly there has been no official response as yet. He then submitted his work to National Geographic and eventually met with an assistant art director who was very excited about the pictures. The D.C. Photographer did not hear back from him for a month and when he called National Geographic to inquire about his pictures he learned that the assistant art director had been fired.

When I spoke by telephone with the public relations officer for the Capitol Police about the events that transpired the night of July 16, 2002, I was told, “We can neither confirm nor deny if a report exists on this event.” When asked if the Capitol Police are on duty all night he replied, “Security personnel are stationed around the area at all times and security cameras are on all the time for surveillance of the Capitol Building and surrounding grounds.” Finally, I wanted to know if any representatives worked in the Capitol late at night after the building is closed to the public. The officer explained that,

“Members do conduct business at night and will work as late as required.”

During the course of my investigation of this incredible case I have discovered an immense amount of material regarding UFOs and Washington, D.C. As a result, a book entitled Close Encounters on Capitol Hill  written by myself and the D.C. Photographer, will be published later this year (now for sale). If you or anyone you know has further information regarding this case please contact me at:


Permission granted to use these photos here

Copyright still in effect


Copyright WGA 2002

Saucer-shaped UFO hovering over the reflection pool in front of Capitol Building

July 16, 2002

Extreme close up of UFO on Capitol Building
July, 2002 - 12:30 a.m.

Extreme close up of UFO over Lower Senate Park

Extreme close up of UFO over Capitol Building July, 2002 - 12:30 a.m.

Group of UFOs over Capitol Building’s Lower Senate Park

July, - 2002 1:00 a.m./ July, 2002 12:30 a.m.

Extreme close up of UFO landed near
Capitol Building July, 2002 - 12:30 a.m.

4th of July, 2002 - UFOs over Washington Monument and Capitol Building

A closer look at the three lights over the Washington Monument - July 4, 2002

Extreme close up of blue sphere over Washington Monument

July 4, 2002


 **Did you know that:•  The first UFO sighting in Washington, D.C., was 1850

  ••  The first UFO photo taken in Washington, D.C., was 1942  •• 

  ** The first attempted military intercept of a UFO over D.C. was 1948   

  **UFOs were sighted and or photographed over Washington, D.C., 22 times, in 1952  •• 

   **UFOs were sighted and or photographed over Washington, D.C., 12 times, in 2002 

 ••  Washington, D.C., is statistically the UFO sightings capital of the world 

 ••   UFOs are currently being sighted over Washington, D.C., as of 2007 

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 insightful information + exclusive D.C. UFO photos


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